Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simple Card solution

I send out holiday cards like most of you do, it's just that mine always come from end of the season sales from the previous season.  Therefore, one must always be sure there's no "year" lurking in tiny print which would give away our cheap ass thrifty treasures.  And that was the route i was going this year, until the team at Simple Card contacted me with an offer for holiday post cards. Heck yeah, my people, The Cape On The Corner is moving up in the world!

Here's some good stuff about Simple Card:

-They use environmentally responsible card stock-You know momma likes to keep it green. 
-You can choose either postcards or regular cards, with your picture on it or sans picture, and you can add personalized text and additional images to almost any of the cards from front to back depending on your selection.
-They will send your cards directly to your friends and family (for a small charge) so that you don't have to.
-Free USPS shipping!

Mine came super quickly and are totally adorable.  Behold:

It comes with that phrase, and the book mark is my high tech way of covering our names here and below.  I'm cool like that.

I froze!  I couldn't think of what to write, and i wanted to keep it neutral since we'll be sending them to my family (Chanukah) and S's (Xmas).  You can choose whatever words you want, really adding to the personalization!

I wish i could show you other images from their site, but they are coming up too small so no one can reproduce them (understandable, but i wish they'd come up large and have a watermark so you can see the ones i like!)  You'll have to just go to SimpleCard on my word-I'm going to have a Jack Bauer moment-"I give you my word" that the cards are super cute, with lots to choose from, come packaged perfectly, and are glossy and lovely.  Some of my holiday favorites are these and these and these.  There's one for any occasion-there's one with a champagne flute (new year's party, perhaps) and one with a little picnic bench (4th of july bbq, anyone).

Thank you SimpleCard for the first personalized cards i've ever sent! I love them, and am highly recommending these for any event or gifts!

Bidness-I received a set of postcards to blog about, but what i blogged about was my own choosing.  Got it?


Kerry said...

Those are so super cute!

Firefly said...

Those are super cute! The othera re lovely as well. Happy Tuesday!

Missy Salsa said...

Love them!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Really cute! I will check them out! Happy Holidays!

Devonay said...

Nice! I'm off to check them out!

Unknown said...

How cute is that? I think you have found the perfect card! Woo!

Devonay said...

Thanks for your comment. Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is great! Love the illustration.

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Those are adorable!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Such cute cards...thanks for the info. Merry Christmas!