Thursday, December 6, 2012

A winter door to adore

My friends, this is a plea for your help.  I need to win.  Win what, you say?  A half a day off from work, paid, of course.  And how, you say?  By decorating my office door and knocking the judges', ie my coworkers, socks off.

Now, i would really love to do Chanukah all up on my door, really i would, but you know, i just don't think these are "look how spot on that menorah looks" sort of people.  So i'm thinking along the lines of winter wonderland, snowmen and mittens, sort of thing. 

But how can i make that be something special?  And interesting?  And on a door? 

Pinterest, yes, of course, ideas abound...but the actual implementation of it all is where it gets a little tricky for me.  I need some grade school teachers to help me out, b/c clearly these people know how to add some holiday bling to some boring spaces!

Snowman, simple, looks easy enough.

Snowman, looks fancy, and time consuming.

Oh if only i had the surrounding wall space for this, this is seriously kicking it up a christmas notch.

My goodness, this penguin is super cute and perfectly holiday neutral.

So then there's my other idea, which i have been wanting to create since last year, which is the ever popular snowman wreath.  However popular online it is, i know my coworkers will be seeing it for the first time. 

Twig hands are an especially interesting (and hopefully not bug filled) idea.

Or adding jingle bells or rosettes for his buttons.

Ooh, and i could crumple up some tissue paper and make like a whole snowball scene!  Would you guys think that vote worthy?  Well let's hope my office does!


MommyLisa said...

My friend made an upside down snowman - like real snowman - like he's doing a handstand/cartwheel. It is the CUTEST! Could you try that?

Doreen said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog, Altered Artworks. Glad you like the Chanukah craft ideas. I agree, it is great to find blogs that feature Chanukah projects.

I say go for the Chanukah Decor on your door! You could do a whole "lights and miracles" theme,even incorporating all the holidays. Good luck!

Now following you and subscribing to your blog.

Happy Chanukah!

Lisa said...

You can totally win! The Hanukkah idea is special because no one else will probably do that and you can make it completely different than the normal ideas that everyone would do.

We're doing a decorating contest for each dept at work and people are going all out! Performances, food, sound effects,'s kind of crazy!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am not a crafty person at all! I think the snowman idea is super cute and very doable which is a plus for me!! I hope you win!!! Take photos and share with us!!

hugs, Linda

The Boston Lady said...

Aahh the elementary school teachers... so brilliantly creative. Can't wait to see your door and if I can sway the vote I will! Ann

Erin {Home Everyday} said...

I've see people make a tree out of the door with lights etc. Then the ornaments could highlight your co-workers somehow. Otherwise you could do what I do and bribe everyone with home made treats :) Good luck and thanks for the comment on Home Everyday!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh they are all wonderful! Just this morning I taped several streamers to the front of our bedroom door. When My hubby opens it....what a birthday surprise.:)

But my vote is for a menorah~ maybe out of aluminum foil and red/orange cellophane?

Savannah Granny said...

Hi, Let us know what you decided to do and if you won a half day off. I had not seen any of those imaginative snowmen. Thanks for the inspiration.
Thanks for you visit and encouragement.
Hugs, Ginger