Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Germantown-a few block walking tour

Philadelphia is an interesting city. There are some really nice older homes, and then some really shady places in the same proximity. So when my friend Maggie told me she moved to the Germantown section of Philly, i wasn't really sure what to expect. She assured me it was the nice part with plenty of parking, and for her surrounding blocks, it really is.  Mama didn't even need to parallel park, which is a really good thing!

Maggie's house is a twin, and it is adorable, but you wouldn't know it by these pictures.  Why on earth did i not take a picture of the whole front?  I was trying to get the original shutters and closures in this shot.

The reason for the ample parking is that pretty much the entire block is taken up by the side of this humongous house!


How storybook looking is this?

Look at those details on the front door and those windows!

Yes, this is a house. At least it is now.

They all had very aged looking iron gates, so different from each other.  You could do this same walk every day and see something totally new each time.

Thanks for going on this walking tour with me...wasn't it much cooler than actually venturing outside?


Reunion Committee said...

oh I LOVE Germantown!!! Great pics!!

Christy B said...

What a TOTALLY awesome place to live~~thanks for sharing!!

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