Friday, February 11, 2011

versatile x2

This whole "not allowed to check our personal email" at work thing is throwing off my blogging game.  I need to mention another sweet blogger who gave me the versatile blogger award that i failed to mention in the last post.  Tys at  H Family Happenings, thank you so much, girl!  Master bedroom makeovers, you know i'm very much into that right now, and she's in the midst of a good one!

Can you possibly be ready for more random tidbits?  Ok, normally i wouldn't subject you to more so soon, but this award comes with 10 questions, and i can't not answer them.  It's like those "if" books, you know?  Great conversation starters, or even just to get to know your friends better with silly or profound questions.  We loved them in college.  Let's get to gettin'!

1.  Why did you create your blog?  Because i wanted opinions and input about decorating and i wanted to write.  And i wanted to enter giveaways.  No lie.
2.  what kinds of blogs do you follow?  home decorating, snarky humor (regretsy, cakewrecks) and travel.
3.  favorite brand of makeup?  whatevers cheapest, usually maybelline.  i can't see spending money on this stuff.
4. favorite brand of clothing?  whatever i happen upon.  usually i shop at kohls and marshalls.  kohls clearance is my clothing area of choice.
5.  indispensable makeup product?  asking the wrong person this question, but i guess powder or foundation.
6.  favorite color?  blue of all shades
7.  favorite perfume? anything dessert scented.   i just wear body spray not actual perfume.
8.  favorite movie?  ah, a good one.  chicago, run lola run, a hard days night, the cutting edge, mallrats...and on and on.
9.  country you want to visit and why?  latvia, to see where my family comes from and visit the relatives that are still there.
10.  would you rather forget to put blush on one side of your face or mascara on one eye?  blush, my cheeks have color to them anyway so you'd be less likely to notice.

Instead of passing this on to specific bloggers, i'd like for anyone to answer these if they'd like.  Seriously i love this stuff-if you do a post with your answers, i'd love to know.

And thank you to Stephanie Lynn for featuring my bedroom redo on the Sunday Showcase-super big smile because of it!

By the way it's...

What are your plans-doing Valentine celebrating or waiting til the day of?  This weekend we're going to my new obsession a local Thai place for dinner and having satellite tv installed.  That is exciting because I have been without my beloved hgtv for 2 months now.  This will be a great weekend, indeed!   


Reunion Committee said...

oooh Thai I love it. We have a good one in CHerry hill.
Im a makeup junkie, so "my loves" would require me writing a book. I dont buy whats new anymore, just what I need. Anti-aging seems to be the theme nowadays lol
Favorite movies - Some kind of wonderful, Pride n Prejudice and Love actually. Although I am sucker for anything that's a series. Lethal weapon, Xmen, Rush hour. You get the sickness. :)
Valentines day plans? None its stupid. end of story lol Kill joy arent I?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Fun questions and interesting answers. I'm going to cook a little meal here at home for Valentines day.

Comeca Jones said...

This is a great day indeed I say even a day without HGTV is too long so hurray for you! We are gonna go to our timeshare and relax maybe just maybe there will be a pretty blue box in my future!

Kara said...

Oh, yum Thai!! I actually tried Thai for my first time last month in Hawaii...crazy, huh?! It's crazy good though! I'm not a big makeup person either...I could relate to your answers on that! My best friend bought me makeup for my 18th birthday and told me it was time I start wearing some. 10 years later, I still haven't given in to it too much!

We're saving V-day plans for the actual day of...too many projects to get working on this weekend!! Hope you have a great one! Yay for HGTV!

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the make-up and the cutting edge....:-) Boy, there were a lot of makeup questions weren't there!! :-)

Karie said...

Oh, you so deserve that little bloggy award. . . Love the questions and your answers are so good. Now I know you a little better. Oh, and by the way, over 300 followers? You go girl! I love visiting your blog, not always do I leave a comment, but I am peeping at what you are up to. Hugs, Karie

Debbiedoos said...

Too many to answer..but let's see...
Favorite clothes: Free people on sale
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
Why I started to blog? I was encouraged from a decorating site
Makeup can't live without: Foundation.
Have a good one!!~ XO

Meg said...

I read this post and zipped through the perfume question and thought you said 'anything DESERT scented'. I imagined eau du cactus or tumbleweed. Reading FAIL.

1. Why did you create your blog? Like you, I like to write. I also imagined being a famous blogger that makes money off their blog. I probably had the wrong idea.
2. what kinds of blogs do you follow? I would just copy your answer (crafts, design, snark) and insert food instead of travel.
3. favorite brand of makeup? Maybe it's maybelline! Drug store all the way.
4. favorite brand of clothing? American Eagle or Old Navy. In my skinny imagination I like Forever 21.
5. indispensable makeup product? Chapstick and mascara.
6. favorite color? Red.
7. favorite perfume? Kenzo Amour, or American Eagle *can't remember name*
8. favorite movie? Mallrats?!? YES. Also, Clerks 2 (yes really), Love Actually, The Hangover, Going the Distance and It's Complicated.
9. country you want to visit and why? Canada. I heart Canada.
10. would you rather forget to put blush on one side of your face or mascara on one eye? Blush. You could feel one eye without mascara. Or at least I could.

Longest comment ever award??? ;)

Tys said...

Hee hee, the "just have to answer" questions... I never thought of it that way... but you're right!

Thanks so much for the shout out, you really didn't have to do that. We get busy and I for one completely get that!!!