Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend I:

-took in all things Halloween from outside. See you next year, light up spiders and animatronic spooky tree.

-walked in memory and honor of my father in the Pancreatic Cancer Purplestride 5k in Philadelphia.  We had an impressive team of 24, and raised over $1600 in his name.  It was a beautiful day, but one filled with mixed emotions from me.  I hated that we were there, yet I wouldn't be anywhere else.  I wore my crocs, which seemed to beguile some family members.  Sneakers feel too heavy since my normal shoe attire is flats.  Besides, if these crocs can walk for 12 hours straight while on vacation, then they can surely handle 3.2 miles.

-ate some fabulous Mexican food that, although i've only eaten at this restaurant once, i've been talking about the entire year since.  It didn't disappoint.  Flautas Mikey-you, me, my stomach-it's a date.

-attended a comedy show after said fabulous Mexican food.  Tell me, comedians, why must everything be about the size of your you know what.  Three comics, three people insisting theirs is bigger and how much the ladies love it.  Give me some word play over that kind of humor anyday.

-went to the Wilma Theatre for the play Our Class.  Intimate theatre, fabulous and haunting performances.  I like this venue.  Must see what their subscription looks like.

-finally have heat!  Yes, for the coldest week of the year thus far, we had no heat.  We had to wait for the duct work to be made for the new energy efficient system S put in.  The duct work is bigger than the system.  Seriously, it's a behemoth, but it's a silent behemoth.  And hopefully a money saving one as well.

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.  What about you, was your weekend jam packed or spent in your jammies?

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a very busy weekend you had. I understand the feelings about the 5k's important to do but still so hard. I'm proud of you. I love Mexican food if it's good so this makes me hungry. I so agree about comedians...a good comic can make you laugh without all the 'you know what' jokes! I'm finally heading home on Friday, I really miss being there.
hugs, Linda

Kathryn said...

Congrats on your walk and fundraising, that's awesome!

Lily Dawn said...

Busy weekend!! I am not too impressed by the vulgar comedians either- there are other funny subjects people... We had a busy weekend as well- looking forward to a calmer week. :)


The Boston Lady said...

I am exhausted from my weekend and I didn't even do as much as you did. How wonderful that you walk in honor of your dad and as for those comedians - you know what they say, the more you have to talk about it, the smaller it must be... I'm just sayin'. Enjoyed hearing about your fun. Ann

dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I love that your profile says you are a cheap ass. I appreciate that! You squeezed in a lot on your weekend, Phew! Nice to meet ya! Hope you visit again! I love Miscellany Monday - it is such a match for my ADHD! Have a great week!

Debbiedoos said...

You go girl! I laughed about the comedians and their thingy magigs...LOL!

Rebecca said...

jammies ~ short people, fevers, snotty noses & LOTS of snuggle time!

mexican food sounds like a fixer...i'll take it!!!

Paula@SweetPea said...

I always feel like a need a weekend to recover from a weekend. You certainly packed a lot into this one! Great job on raising so much money on the walk. I know it made you sad, so I'm sending you a (((hug))).

Tatiana said...

That's hilarious! I think men are really in love with their 'members' and can't wait to compare them. They're kind of like fishermen that way. Lies all lies is what I say :-)
And good job on the fundraiser girl!

Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

We don't have heat right now either. Something about a something or other - no idea - but the fact that we bought a brand new HVAC and install additional duct work in our newly renovated master bedroom pisses us off completely! I didn't spend thousands of dollars to not have heat just a year after insulation.

I feel ya on the walk. I haven't done a walk yet but we did the benefit concert last month and it was so hard to be around all of his friends and my brother not be there, yet I wouldn't not go. Cancer needs cured!

I agree with comedians. Hubs LOVES comedy, I could go the rest of my life without it. I don't care about their you know whats, their random trips that always are about someone's race, or some other hurtful story.

Devonay said...

You did an awesome job raising money for your walk! I had a date Friday night, worked on Saturday, spent Sunday with my family, and Monday running the kid around to the eye doctor and running errands. Always seems like there's never enough hours in the day... especially on the weekend!

carissa said...

i'm so glad you were able to do the walk and raise all that money in your dad's name. that is so very special.

girl, i feel your pain. our heater broke twice in one week! it was a good excuse to stay in cozy jammies. : )

Reunion Committee said...

Holy cow I was at the walk too! We walked with Team Arnone. My boss Robert, who I loved dearly, died last december of this horrible disease. I thought you you while I Was there. .. weird.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I am really sorry to hear about your dad. What a sweet way for you to honor him.

I love your blog name. I've enjoyed reading and look forward to coming back.

Kelley said...

Great job on the walk. I am sure your daddy was looking down and just so proud of you all.
Broken heaters are no fun! We had one last year at the first snowfall and it was awful. Thankfully we had space heaters and big blankets to cuddle under :)
Hoppin' back over from miscellany monday ;)

Oona Johnson said...

I did nothing last weekend, besides get my haircut... After a stressful Halloween weekend, it was very welcome!

Unknown said...

OK, I am like the worst blog friend in the universe because I totally missed that your father passed away. I just went back through your blogs... UHG! So sorry, but so glad you all came together to walk for him. The arms will ache for a while, but the heart is always filled with memories. Hugs to you and happy heat!

Renée said...

Congratulations on your walk and all you earned in your father's memory. It sounds like your weekend was a party start to finish. We had a great time except for our beloved Boise State Broncos went down to TCU by just one point and dropped 5 in the polls...their first lost at home in 30 something games. All of the "Bronco Nation" are still licking our wounds! I had 18 here for a football party and we had a blast.

Thanks for stopping by!