Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What i learned at work today

I love being out of the office, though it means i can't blog or read blogs-not that i do that at work or anything, no of course not...


and today i realized some things about myself that i would like to share with you, randomly, on the day before Thanksgiving.

Number 1.  I could not be a teacher.  Now, usually i think this way because i wouldn't want to be "on" every day, but today i think this because I would get fired for not keeping my shit together when talking with disrespectful and rude teenagers.  At a health fair recently i may have gotten a little too sassy when illustrating how little disrespect i would take when talking about an important topic.  There was gasping from the other students in our conversation.  There were looks from surrounding students as i reiterated this conversation to a colleague.  Guess these spoiled kids aren't used to being called disrespectful?  They were, and i'm not gonna whisper about it.

Number 2.  There is such a thing as a Pennsylvania Dairy Princess whose role is to educate about milk and cheese and the goodness of those things.  She wears a crown and a sparkly sash while she does her educating.  I educate about important topics (see Number 1).  I want a crown and sparkly sash.  I want to be Pennsylvania Dating Violence Awareness Princess.  Let me see if the agency will go for that.

Number 3.  I am strangely excited about Thanksgiving this year, more than other years.  There is no logical explanation for this.  It will be the same family (who i love) and the same food (that i can't wait to eat) yet my feelings of giddiness are freaking me out a little bit.

Number 4.  Going along with those excited Thanksgiving feelings is a recent shopping frenzy.  Why?  Is it brought on by all these Black Friday commercials?  I don't even need anything, yet i can't wait to pour over the newspaper and call aloud the deals and steals to S.  Yesterday i bought a new coat. 

I then bought a new work bag, because one clearly can't use rainbow polka dots alongside this gray and yellow plaid.  Black Friday sales starting at 12am...things for me or things for others.  A hard decision.

Number 5.  Speaking of shopping, don't forget the Shabby Apple giveaway ends tomorrow.  Go here to win this skirt.

I want to you have a game plan for Black Friday shopping?  Sticking by the computer or braving the crowds?


Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

Some days I wonder if I'm cut out to be a teacher. This semester has given me some tough times. I used to work at a bakery and dealing with the public was hard but it's nothing compared to teaching! And they are EXTREMELY disrespectful!

I love the Friends reference/photo. I LOVE Friends!!!

Good luck finding the job with the princess tiara and sash. Maybe a glittery wand too?!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Lisa said...

As I get older, my impatience for stupid people gets worse. I love shopping more than anyone, but I don't have the tolerance for Black Friday. Everything will be there the next day, people! We'll be in Indianapolis so I'm not sure what we'll be doing, but I'm excited for the kiddo's first one!

Have a good holiday!

The Boston Lady said...

Watching the fun from a distance. I did it a couple of years and just found it too exhausting and some people just got so nasty!!! Have a great Thanksgiving. Ann

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am so glad you spoke up about the disrespect. It is just a shame that kids are like that...I would have had my butt spanked had I behaved like that to someone in authority! Now I wonder why the thanksgiving I'm not shopping on Black Friday unless it's from my computer. There isn't anything I need or even really want that would get me out there. But you are young and I use to enjoy the excitement of shopping like that. Oh and I LOVE your new coat! Enjoy! Hugs, Linda

Paula@SweetPea said...

I am lucky to work in a rural county where the kids overall are very respectful. Of course they all aren't, but the majority are and I'm thankful for that.

I'm going to shop tomorrow but only at small stores.

Love your new coat! I saw that at Old Navy yesterday.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!