Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dos Kitties

This cat is hilarious. She reminds of those Dos Equis commercials, so this seemed only fitting. Enjoy.

I call her my little snow tiger, not only because she's striped and grey, but because she is a wild maniac.  A full on stalker, slinker, and predator in the guise of a tiny headed innocent looking kitten.  She bites, she hisses, she attacks my poor other cat, Sunday.  She doesn't jump, like most cats.  Instead she attaches and scratches.  Pity the fool who is oh, i don't know, innocently washing dishes, and this little beast attaches itself to you from behind.  Let me tell you, it is 1) startling and 2) painful.  She'll start at the legs, and walk her way up your back, digging her nails in, then detach as quickly as she attached, leaving you perplexed and in pain. 

But, you know, look how cute she is. 

Just an aside-that wool carpet isn't dirty, it's just leaving its wool business everywhere. And there's also many parts where Sunday has unlooped the looped that she's so interested in scratching it, and not this device here for that purpose....and that disgusting tea bag toy is Sunday's favorite thing.  So as gross as it looks, i can't throw it out.  You know how it is.

What would these captions say if these were your pets? 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

This cracks me up! I lost my cat Emily before I really started blogging much but she was so pretty, but was HELL on wheels. She attacked Charlie on a regular basis and was not afraid of anything. She also hated everyone! She was a calico and so pretty but mean! Now this little girl is cute as can be, but I understand that can fool you. Poor Sunday!

The Boston Lady said...

Pour me a tall one, bartender!


Rachel said...

Bahaha I love your comment at the end. Kitties find the weirdest stuff to attach themselves to! One of our's is obsessed with a beanie hat I had in the Goodwill pile. He brings it into different rooms and when no one is watching he throws it up in the air like a maniac! :)

michele@Portlandia Vintage said...

This cat is lucky to have you! You are truly a loving person. I suspect her painful attention is a sign of her devotion to you!

Carrie said...

She's so cute! And I'm laughing at your captions!!

Patsy said...

She's as cute as she can be but, having rescued over 100 cats in the last 25 years, I think she's so wild because she didn't have enough time with mom and siblings. That is where they learn the "limits" to biting, climbing, attacking, etc. She is cute now, but as she gets older it won't be so cute. If you want to stop her now, when she attacks or acts inappropriately, yell in your loudest voice "stop" and then leave her to herself. It's a good idea to give her a stuffed mouse or something else to encourage her to play with it instead of attacking a human. They love those cardboard rings. Has the ball on the outer ring and cardboard disc in the center. Wal Mart and Petsmart both had these. I haven't found a crazy kitty who has liked this. She needs things to keep her occupied by herself so you are not her main focus when it comes to rough play. She is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing her with us.

TheMoonAndMe said...

It's alway just when you've gone to bed, right?
And you couldn't do that 10 minutes ago when I WASN'T trying to sleep? :)
Crazy cats are the best, though.

Diana Mieczan said...

Giggle, I love those! She looks so cute:) Happy Monday, dear.

House in the Heights said...

Hahaha! I can identify with all of this! Our cat, Bron used to do the 'jump on you and hang' thing when he was a kitten. He also climbed the curtains and then napped up on the drapery rods. Little monster.