Monday, February 28, 2011

De-brownification, yes that's a word...possibly

No matter what i do in the living room-and despite a huge blue wall opposite this couch-it always feels like the blue accent isn't quite obvious enough.  There be lots of brown up in this space.  Wood frames.  Brown ottomans.  Brown couch.  Like a good little indie art supporter, off to Etsy i went. 

Have you embraced chevron?  We're seeing it all over blogland, but like most things, it took me a while to jump on board.   I only just got an ipod and started wearing scarves as accessories.  What can i say, i'm a late bloomer in this aspect.

I like the two pillow look, but that second one is way too poofy. It's hard to tell, but little chevron's practically in the middle of the couch.

Definitely not happening on its own, not with that pattern.  This is actually the back of the pillows-the front is a bit more country.

So sorry about the flash, but it is really hard to get a good picture here.  On a side note, i promise all the winter items are put away now, and the wood frames have been changed to silver. 

So here's where i need your help, friends.  Loveseat--matching chevron or something similar?  Keep looking for a second pillow a little less poofy for behind chevron?  Do you have a bevvy of pillows on your couches?  This room is small, so bevvy of pillows could be a bit much.  Advice, please, oh wise ones!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blogging Barbies-Guest Post

My creative and crafty friend Jill, er...Barbie... has made some fun and funky pillows for her girls' bedroom.  Check out how these gals in Australia roll...and they don't seem to break a sweat!  Take it away, blogging dolls!

"Have you ever seen so much BLUE in a girls room?  It's just not right I tell you - something needs to be done!"
"Come on Bratz - time for some more sewing"
"Ok, I've found the pink box - and look what mum's put in the scraps! I mean this is totally OUR fabric isn't it?"
"And here's more pink - my gosh mum is a bit messy isn't she?"
"A BIT? You call this heap a BIT of a mess? 
Honestly, if she actually took the time to sort through this, who knows what she might find?
Anyway, I need to iron MY fabric since it's been all crumpled and stuffed in the box. No respect....."
"There! Now let's just snip through these booties here.."
"NOOOO don't you dare - they're my favourite, you go play with your Barbie fabric and leave us to the Bratz stuff!"
"What Barbie fabric? Ohh... erm...."
"Right, I think we're ready to go onto the machine now girls."
"OK, I'm all set - push the pedal!"
"Easier said than done! Er, it's rather large and heavy..and I just painted my nails.."
"There!  all done, and not a broken nail in sight - go Barbies!"
"Hmpf!  Patchwork, smatchwork, let's get some bling happenin' ladies!"
"What's this bargain shiny stuff? Let's use it!"
"Right you are - press that pedal to the metal! Let's go girls!"
"I'm on it honey! (don't say a word Mickey - you are such a darlin,  He he he!)"
"Gimme five!  Whoo hoo! You just have to have ruffles, they're so chic!"
"Not bad girls!"
"And so much better pink than blue!"
"Time for a well earned rest I think! My these cushions are comfy!"
"And don't forget stylish girlfriend!"
By the blogging dolls
(to see any of our previous adventures, click here)

Thanks so much, Jill!  Now i feel like putting on a fancy dress and doing some sewing-bet those were words you never thought i'd utter!  Hey, if a Barbie can do it...?  The pic where she's "actually" sewing cracks me up!  If you'd like to see what other shenanigans those gals get into, please go visit Creating my way to Success!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scrapbook paper equals cheap art

Reason number 254 as to why a person like me (read: not a scrapbooker) should always have an assortment on hand anyway, especially when one got it on clearance.  Even if one did not really know what one was going to do with it when one bought it....

My upstairs bathroom has yet to be addressed on the ol' blog here.  Mostly because it was "done" when we moved in, and we didn't do much but paint it.  I always felt like it wasn't really us with the white vanity and counter top, but we weren't changing what wasn't broken.  To just slap something up on the wall, i found a pack of white ikea frames and some boring floral artwork.  I'm not really a floral person, but, it was the right color, and it was cheap.  This actually makes me upset-how many times do we settle because of this? 

Since i wasn't hugely happy with it, i always seem to be on the lookout for something else for this bathroom, something to make it more us.  I'm in a constant state of tweaking, and i'm not alone, right?  After looking on etsy for small prints and greeting cards, i went to my scrapbook stash to see if there was something a little different there.  The scrapbook stash had already proved helpful on previous occasions:

The bathroom has greens and browns, and i didn't want floral.  But then i saw this paper that was a much more funky floral, reminiscent even of something tribal, definitely something one would purposefully buy for framing.

Just slightly different from each other, yet definitely the look of a set.  One piece of paper snipped in two different pieces. Total cost: 0 dollars.  Satisfaction over interesting and cheap solution:  Hugeness.  So yes, this was the right color, and it was cheap-but this time it doesn't feel like settling.  I think i may even be done tweaking this space!

Do you have a collection of scrapbook paper for no real reason?  Have you ever used it for a different than usual purpose? 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mo' Mecca, No Problems.

About two weeks ago i got an email from a HomeGoods representative saying they would like to offer me a small token of thanks for supporting HomeGoods this year.  Well, support HG i do-it is my mecca after all- so i hesitantly gave them my home address, and wrote that i hope they aren't a creepy stalker.

When i didn't receive anything, i chalked it up to creepy stalker status.  Crap, but what can i do about it?  Thankfully, a Valentine's miracle occurred and this came in the mail from the fantastic folks at HomeGoods.

What a sweet card!  And what a pretty gift card!  I was not expecting this kind of token of appreciation....

I plucked off the gift card and flipped it over to see if there was a number to call to get the amount, not noticing what was written in its place....

Holy flippin' moly!  That's craziness!

I had seen this wonderful flowerpot that i wanted, but it was a definite want, not need.  You know how things go at mecca-you snooze, you lose-but it was there when i went back!  Hurrah!  Now i'll get warm HomeGoods fuzzies when i set it outside every spring.  Isn't it gorgeous?!? And i still have some gift cash left over for something else.

S jokingly asks me if we are making money yet on the blog-he's a very practical sort of guy who doesn't completely get blogging.  This time when he asked, I said no, no money...but we are definitely seeing some perks!  Thank you, HomeGoods, for being aware of me and this blog.  I truly, truly appreciate it!

Anybody else give in to a recent want, not need?  How about the money making part of it all...?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupid, draw back your bow

I've been hoarding Valentine images, and today is the day to the share them.

all images we heart it, last image kurt halsey

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dishin' it

Dish network is all set up, thanks to Sunday's help.

 Thank goodness our dinner plans with friends were postponed-the installer was here from 11am to 7:30 pm on Friday! I felt so bad for the guy-he didn't have anything to eat, and apparently can't leave til the job is done.  We practically force fed him a soft pretzel. 

Let me say that HDTV is sooo nice.  HGTV in HDTV is even nicer.  Reruns, however-not so nice.  Holmes on Homes, i'm talking to you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

versatile x2

This whole "not allowed to check our personal email" at work thing is throwing off my blogging game.  I need to mention another sweet blogger who gave me the versatile blogger award that i failed to mention in the last post.  Tys at  H Family Happenings, thank you so much, girl!  Master bedroom makeovers, you know i'm very much into that right now, and she's in the midst of a good one!

Can you possibly be ready for more random tidbits?  Ok, normally i wouldn't subject you to more so soon, but this award comes with 10 questions, and i can't not answer them.  It's like those "if" books, you know?  Great conversation starters, or even just to get to know your friends better with silly or profound questions.  We loved them in college.  Let's get to gettin'!

1.  Why did you create your blog?  Because i wanted opinions and input about decorating and i wanted to write.  And i wanted to enter giveaways.  No lie.
2.  what kinds of blogs do you follow?  home decorating, snarky humor (regretsy, cakewrecks) and travel.
3.  favorite brand of makeup?  whatevers cheapest, usually maybelline.  i can't see spending money on this stuff.
4. favorite brand of clothing?  whatever i happen upon.  usually i shop at kohls and marshalls.  kohls clearance is my clothing area of choice.
5.  indispensable makeup product?  asking the wrong person this question, but i guess powder or foundation.
6.  favorite color?  blue of all shades
7.  favorite perfume? anything dessert scented.   i just wear body spray not actual perfume.
8.  favorite movie?  ah, a good one.  chicago, run lola run, a hard days night, the cutting edge, mallrats...and on and on.
9.  country you want to visit and why?  latvia, to see where my family comes from and visit the relatives that are still there.
10.  would you rather forget to put blush on one side of your face or mascara on one eye?  blush, my cheeks have color to them anyway so you'd be less likely to notice.

Instead of passing this on to specific bloggers, i'd like for anyone to answer these if they'd like.  Seriously i love this stuff-if you do a post with your answers, i'd love to know.

And thank you to Stephanie Lynn for featuring my bedroom redo on the Sunday Showcase-super big smile because of it!

By the way it's...

What are your plans-doing Valentine celebrating or waiting til the day of?  This weekend we're going to my new obsession a local Thai place for dinner and having satellite tv installed.  That is exciting because I have been without my beloved hgtv for 2 months now.  This will be a great weekend, indeed!   

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Versastylish

Mikalah at Posy the Porcelain Pig and Vanessa at Nifty Thrifty Things found me award worthy, graciously giving me the Versatile blogger award and the Stylish blogger award, respectively.  Some reasons these gals rock? Aside from making their homes super cute and having unique style, Mikalah sings Opera and Vanessa lives in Germany! Jealous on both fronts!

Is versatile just another way of saying totally random, ya think? 

Some random facts about me (technically i need to list 14, and pass this award onto 30 people since we're talking 2 awards..but that seems crazy!)

1.  Am currently obsessing over our trip to Spain in April-Aside from Rick Steve's (my travel guru) book, i have photocopied copious amounts of info from 3 library books and have 2 computer documents full of internet info.

2.  Here's the plan-relax for first week in Canary Islands with mild and slow sight seeing.  Second week on mainland southern Spain crank up the sightseeing-Malaga, Granada, possibly Cordoba, Gibraltar, Tangiers, and anything else along the way.

3.  Just watched on instant netflix "My Date with Drew," a documentary about one "every mans" quest to get a date with Drew Barrymore.  I love documentaries.

4.  In said documentary, there was this quote "I divide the people of the world into 2 groups-those that love grease 2 and those that don't.  i fall into the first category".   I flippin' love Grease 2 and any movie that references it in a positive manner!

5.  Relatedly, i love my netflix.  i love my instant netflix.  I just love movies.

6.  Around this time of year i start using the words "buzz" and "buzzworthy" and make it a point to watch anything pertaining to awards-Golden Globes, Independent, SAG, Oscars.

7.  i am craving the signs of Spring much more this year for some reason.

be sure to check out these 15ish blogs of quasi recent discovery:

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those awarded, please thank the award giver (that would be moi!) and pass this puppy on to 15 more blogs that you've recently/quasi recently discovered.  take your pick guys-do you want the stylish or the versatile award?

i would also like to announce we have broke the 300 mark!  woo hoo-this makes me immensely happy.  thank you soooo much, you guys!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Avert your eyes...

..if you are on a diet or don't like sweets (what's wrong with you?!)  I have discovered something worth all those calories, i'm sure.  I will let you know, because i may or may not be ordering one for myself and telling S that he bought it for me for a special Valentine's treat.

Smore Smoochie.  What does that even mean, i don't care.  It is smores...dipped in goodness...and then other goodness.  Like chocolate and jimmies.  Or chocolate and nuts.  This is painful to show you...

Holy. moly.  Don't you want one now now now?

You have to see this description on their site-"Freshly handmade to order and enrobed in velvety rich milk chocolate..."  Enrobed, you guys, enrobed!

As if yummy goodness on their own wasn't enough, there are smore smoochies for pets!  And a portion of those proceeds goes to animal rescues, which i like very much.  All the more reason to support this anticipated deliciousness!

Let me say, i am in no way affiliated with this company...i just could not keep something this drool worthy to myself.   You can thank me later (though your waistlines may not).  And yes, i will accept a smore smoochie or five as thanks.  I wish!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting toasty

I was super excited for my brand spankin' new toaster oven from CSN that i ordered with a code.  Black and Decker.  Silver.  Cost me 6 dollars.  Yes.  Ever the wise one, S suggested i measure since this one would be bigger and i intend to put her in the same space as our old toaster. Success, she will fit.  She looks like this:
Her dimensions according to CSN:

Dimensions: 14.25" H x 18" W x 11.5" D
Today it was received.  I was prepared to say wonderful things since she looked good coming out of the box.  And yet...somehow smaller.  I measured.  14.25 high?  Nay, she's 9".  18 wide?  Nay, she's no more than 14".  WTF, CSN!  I wouldn't have bought a smaller toaster no matter how much it would or would not have cost me.  I checked my order-i did not order the wrong one, nor did they send me the wrong one.  It is just not the size that is described.  I am perplexed-I don't want to send it back because i like the price and it looks nice.  I just wish it was the actual dimensions they claim to be.  Perplexing also is how i feel about CSN now-LOVE my mirror/jewelry holder SO much.  Wouldn't have ordered from them if i doubted it would fit.  And now, because of this, i doubt any future purchase where measurements would matter. 

I suppose next time i will compare to another site not just for price, but for the size of the item.  I will continue to order from them, and to offer giveaways from them because i am hoping this was a fluke, and they will right the dimensions or give a stern talking to to whomever listed the item incorrectly.

Everything is generally very positive, and i still feel positive towards them....but i'm curious about other dimension discrepancies.  Any similar experiences out there with this company?

bidness: I ordered this with a code, but was not compensated for my review.  Which i think is pretty much clear.  I will continue to do business with them, and give honest feedback. Whether or not they supply me with codes is another story!