Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gobbledy Good

Get a load of this pillow my mother in law made!  Dare i say this is one cute turkey...and i don't think turkeys are ever cute.  It's that red whatchamacallit (waddle?) and their wrinkly naked head...blech.   You know, i think wearing a pilgrim hat may help "up" the cute factor.

This placemat-turned-pillow and his twin are the only "thanksgiving" specific decor i have, so they are a welcome addition.  I love how she tried to keep the look of the feathers by bunching it instead of making it a plain circle or square.  And the different fabrics per tier-what a great way to use your scraps.

Poor guys, it's already time to put them away.  You could probably find something similar on clearance now if you wanted to add these cute turkeys to your home next year.  And speaking of turkey, i hope your Thanksgivings were full of good food and good times.

A is for Attachment


I told you.

Something I've gotten attached to over this holiday weekend is not working!  Darn you, approaching Monday!  Do you feel the way i do or has lengthy time being off made you go stir crazy?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday Numero Quattro-El Fin

Well, goodness, who doesn't like dogs in costumes?  And dogs in pilgrim costumes can mean only one thing...Thankful Thursdays Thanksgiving post.  (ah, alliteration, my true love.)  You know as we gather round the dinner table we're going to be asked what we're thankful you better have something up your sleeve!  I'm going the specific route, listing the top five positive occurrences per week.  Please join me in the last Thankful Thursday post of the year...being held on a Wednesday.  Because i can. 

1.  We had a lovely weekend in the Poconos with my dad, stepmom, and S, who was on fiy-ah with one liners that were cracking us up.  Throw in a cozy restaurant, some bootlegged movies, and a winery tour and tasting.  Yes, that'll do donkey, that'll do.

2.  My cat's been like surgically attached to my lap, which i love.  I thought she'd be all rude and independent like the other times we come home after time away, but not this time.  Full of love she is.

3.  We're getting out of work a few hours early today, and then it's not time to come back til Monday!  Thank you, Executive Director!

4.  I entered a giveaway at Room Remix at the last minute, and i WON!  A year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens, an iphone app (for a phone i don't have) and a $25 gift card to my mecca, Homegoods!

5.  I finally ordered a new bathroom light fixture to replace the "backstage broadway" style fixture that's been a thorn in my side the last 3 years.  Can't wait to be done with that thing!  Plus i saved mega bucks b/c this was from CSN with a giftcode.  Boo to the yah!

6.  A sixth!  How extra positive!  Amazon is having great limited time only deals-the cd i went on there to purchase was $3 less yesterday from 5-7pm, so i purchased it then.  Using my $25 Amazon e-certificates redeemed from Swagbucks, i got 3 cds for $1.44.  I'm quite happy.

Also making me happy is this image from Friends.  I have to say this never gets old.  Who's picturing the accompanying shimmy shake that Monica does? Me, me!

both images we heart it

Link up your posts or tell me in comments-what's made your week this week?  And a big thank you to those of you that have been participating, i really appreciate it!  You guys rock!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The menorah you ignore me, the closer i get

Chanukah is next week!  Insane!  Pretty menorahs for all the my jewish friends (holla...all 3 of you!)

jonathon adler


A pottery barn alternative to the electric version.  i kinda dig it!

Yikes.  Which one do you like? 
My friends, it's been a busy weekend round these parts.  I hope yours were eventful in a good way, too.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful Thursdays Numero Tre

Can you believe it's already time for this week's Thankful Thursdays post?  Me neither. Can you believe there is only one more Thankful Thursdays post after this?  Me neither! 

Anybody watch Monday's Glee?  I can't look at this without wanting to chant "tots."

I am not so much bursting with an abundance of positives this week, or things to be thankful for. They are downright boring, this batch, and in fact i had to scrape for 5 things to come up with.  I didn't have a bad week, or nothing hideous happened, it just was rather blah and anxiety filled for me. 

1.  On Sunday i met my mom, stepdad, and brother for lunch.  It was yummy, we had a nice time, and i was glad to see them.  The end.

2.  Monday was a really long day-i left my house at 6am, and at 6pm, i returned.  The positive?  I took a relaxing train ride to my destination and didn't have to drive the 4 hours total.  The negative (you know, if one was focusing on that) -my ticket was stuck in the machine which i had to jam my hand up and into to retrieve it.  Then someone had to help me (positive) b/c i couldn't pry it out with my little nubby hands.  I almost missed the train home-literally ran there- and would have had to wait an hour for the next one.  I did miss the connecting train, and had to wait 20 minutes.  But it was an express (positive) so i got home quicker.  And home is good.

3.  I am going to a conference today merely for the delicious food.  I hope it's as yummy as i remember it from last year. 

4.  Um, hopefully i will be expanding my outreach program?  Depends on the interest of the audience, but fingers crossed.

5.  It's almost the weekend, and we have fun things planned.  Family.  Mountains.  Wine.  Good restaurant. Boggle. Maybe these will be my 5 for next week, but let's hope this'll just be rolled into one.

Please tell me you had some serious fun this week!  Post your link in the comments if you've got one, my pretties.

I'm linking to fave things fri, bloggy readingThe first and second in the series are good, too. Check 'em.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Deck the halls with xmas free stuff

Picture this-you walk into this church basement lined with tables of free stuff upon free stuff. You spy glassware and furniture, kids stuff and baskets. The closest 3 tables are filled with xmas stuff.  And you're Jewish.  However, at this moment what matters is FREE and that there other people bound to take what you don't.  You start towards the xmas tables since they are closest, in which you already have your eye on some super cute trees and reindeer, rationalizing that you can surely use them in your dual holiday displays, when your inner voice butts in and reminds you that perhaps you really don't need to start there.  You tell inner voice (internally, of course) to mind its own business, this is the closest table.  I.V. yells at you about cheesedomes and cloches, and you give in, telling it it's right, you really should go to the xmas tables last.  What this appears as, to the public watching this exchange, is a mad woman violently shaking her head and pivoting back and forth, unsure of which direction to actually let her feet take her. 

These are the xmas items from the free jackpot that i got when i finally strolled over.

Honey, this is super cute, no?

I'm liking the more wintry pinecones and the gift ornaments.  Non denominational, i thought, and perhaps i don't have to use the ornaments as ornaments.
Someone tell me what these are.  They are awfully large for chocolate candy molds, could they be for soap?  Or candles?  Or is it just my over-Etsy imagination that assumes everyone is selling there these days.  

Self explanatory...

A ha!  A cheesedome i almost missed, filled with the gift ornaments. 

Could be good for either winter holiday, or even birthdays!

I thought without the big red bow and bells, i could use this for fall.  But now that it's almost time to think of winter decorating, i'll leave this as is.  What are your thrifty seasonal finds this year?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays Nombre Deux

Come one, come all to Thankful Thursdays as we focus on the positive celebrate the people, places, and things we are thankful for this season. 

this was too cute..ignore frowny face

Who woulda thunk i'd have all 5 of my items by the end of the weekend?  This positive stuff is pretty easy!  Of course, it does amuse me that pessimism starts 'em all off, but they work their way into a positive.  See for yourself.

1.  My local Redbox was out of order, and after i bawled about how unfair it was that i was charged for the movie that couldn't be picked up, they sent me 2 free codes.  So Friday night we had a date with Toy Story 3.  Have you guys seen this?  It was fantastic!  Spanish Buzz sent two adults (with no children) into hysterics!  Rent it.  Buy it.  Yep, that good.

2.  My coworker is seriously ill and has used all her sick time.  We are able to donate sick time to our coworkers so they don't have to take unpaid leave, and through everyone's donations of time, she now has 3 additional weeks to heal from brain surgery.  Of course i am thankful for that, but also that i have plenty of time should i need it for myself, thus making me able to contribute.

3.  I won the answer is chocolate's Gratitude banner!  Thanks head chocolatier-can't wait to get it!

4.  I was seriously stressing about parallel parking in South Philly where my friend's baby shower was being held.  (Hey Shan!)   I ended up missing a turn (that appeared to be only one way!) which led me to wonderful angled street parking that was open to the public, and not just for the bar i was now parked in front of.  Sure, the whole time i was worried the car was going to be towed and i made a bee line back to it as soon as all the presents were opened (not even saying goodbye to momma to be) but at least my car was there and not ticketed!

5.  Any spare time this weekend was spent on Lowe's facebook page, along with thousands of other people, who were trying to win 90% off codes for select products.  Like a Dyson, a Shark, and a Kitchenaid.  Sadly, we weren't fast enough to win any, but we were each given a $10 off coupon.  I'll take it!  Thanks, Lowe's. 

Now it's your turn!  If you've got a Thankful Thursdays post please leave your link in the comments, thanksthat'dbeawesomeyouguysrock!  Show me what ya got!

If you're new here, please check out Thankful Thursday Numero Uno.   I'm linking to these parties- fave things fri, bloggy reading.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Possible Nomming

Ok , you guys, i *may* attempt to make this for Thanksgiving.  Have i ever made a dessert before?  El Negativo.  But yesterday one of our interns found a seemingly easy recipe for pumpkin cheesecake which did not involve a mixer of any sort.  Sold.  I will let you know if i actually attempt this or merely place it in a box with the rest of the clipped recipes i do nothing with.   

What are you guys making for Thanksgiving?  Do you have a staple you bring to dinner every year, or something your family would be bummed if you didn't make?  My SIL makes this broccoli casserole topped with breadcrumbs...nom nom nom!

Tomorrow will be the second Thankful Thursday, so get your posts ready!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fireplace Fixation

Note to self:  When searching through houzz for fireplaces, be more specific than "fireplaces," or else plan to be there a while.  215 pages a while.

S ran the gas line for the fireplace this weekend, and we've decided we will do a corner unit with a tv build in.  A streamline looking corner, not a big honking corner.  I showed him these pictures, and he very patiently looked at my ideas.  Good man. 

TV built in above.  Off center mantel maybe?  Floating component storage possibly used as a bench.  See what ya think!

Fireplace contemporary living room
Amoroso Design contemporary living room
Oh man, oh man, this one's IT.

fireplace modern living room

oceanfront bedroom fireplace eclectic bedroom

440 House contemporary living room

Fireplace contemporary living room

Modern Fireplace Remodel modern family room

Fireplace contemporary living room

Living Room contemporary living room

Contemporary Fireplace contemporary living room
contemporary living room design by chicago interior designer Habitar Design, Inc

Love this glass front, off center look, with modern mantle

Contemporary Fireplace contemporary living room

EISNER DESIGN modern living room

Amoroso Design contemporary living room

Living Room contemporary family room

living room fireplace contemporary living room

Rina Magen contemporary living room

Landon Bone Baker Architects modern living room

Sf Media Room traditional media room

KANNER ARCHITECTS modern living room

living room with travertine fireplace modern family room

fireplace traditional living room

Outdoor Kitchen eclectic porch


Feldman Architecture modern dining room

Feldman Architecture modern living room
study contemporary media room

Mark Dutka modern media room

Budge contemporary media room
contemporary media room design by toronto kitchen and bath Kevin Karst

Thanks for indulging-hope you enjoyed this eye candy!