Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sticks and Stones

Ok, no stones.  But definitely sticks.  Candlesticks, to be exact.  I had seen these pink ones last time i went to my favorite thrift store, but talked myself out of them.  What do i really need them for anyway? But then i saw bloggers putting pumpkins and other decor items atop candlesticks for added height, and crossed my fingers these were still there when i went back. 

Yikes, from this angle you can see how icky those silver ones are. Blech!

Hmm, it's surprisingly sturdy upside down...i wonder...maybe i can....

Yep, i can.  Whaddya think about that? 

And here they are raising up the leaf candles...except i think visually that's a no.  It doesn't have the same effect as the jars.  The jars are like "aww yeah" while these are like "it's leaf candles balancing on regular candlesticks.  Why?"  Maybe if i tried them upside down, but, meh, i'm past it.

Speaking of upside you know what this means?  oh yes, my friends, one X.  Let's just say that XXX means 75 cents.  All of these had one X.  25 cents each.  All together 1.33.  Taxes.  Don't hate.  What are your latest and greatest scores?

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The flippin' wreath

Here's the story
of a wonky door wreath
that I made with my former roommate.

It's got leaves and sunflowers,
and beaded goodness.
We loved it oh, so much.

Til the one day when the roommates lived apart-
who was going to take favorite Fall Wreath?
Neither one would give it up,
quite so easy- 
And so they flipped a coin.

That's the way Fall Wreath lives on my front door!

Thank you very much, I'm here all day.
And hopefully not losing any more followers-what's the deal with that? Although after that little ditty...

Detail shot of sparkly leaves and beaded goodness.

You wouldn't have let such a nice wreath go without flipping for it, now would you?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What love looks like:

Tell me this ain't it.

He was lying there first, and she came over and flopped and writhed and wiggled her whole body against his head.  She's a daddy's girl for sure.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting to know all about you

My bloggy pal Jill "tagged" me, and that means you lucky folks get to learn some more things about me...I know, consider yourselves truly blessed.  I really like doing posts like these on Fridays because i participate in a few getting to know you type blog parties, and if i was discovering a new blog, I'd want to know more about that person.  But that's just me.  I'm rather nosey. 

So here are the questions that I have to answer.  Prepare yourself for enlightenment.

1. What is one thing you just can not stand?
Feet on the dashboard!  AAAAGGHHH!!  (double exclamation, for sure!!)  I just can not stand it, it is a huge pet peeve of mine.  I'm not even talking about my own dashboard, I'm just talking about driving by a car where a passenger has their feet on the their dashboard.  Barefoot or with shoes, I don't discriminate.  I'm irked by it all.  If you do this, is this comfortable?  Does the driver not have problems with this?  Do you ask permission of said driver before you do this? 

2. If you could go back to your childhood, what cartoon or t.v. show would you pick to be your all-time favorite?
I was strangely enthralled by Small Wonder. I think it was her monotone robot voice.

3. Whats something you do or have done that would surprise a lot of people?
Public speaking is a main part of my job.

4. Do you believe in ghosts?
Not 100% sure.

5. When you go into a store whats your weakness, something you just can't help yourself from buying more of?
Shoes on sale, which I then have to sneak into the house. 

6. What is the funniest story you have on your significant other?
It's just funny to hear his parents talk about him as a stubborn child, since he is one stubborn adult.

7. What is your proudest moment of being a parent? {animals do count ;)}
I am mom to 1 fantastically adorable cat, and i am proud when i call her and she comes running so excitedly, straight at me, looking me in the eye, and  i believe she is actually going to jump up on my lap, you can do it, good girl, but at the very last moment....she totally disses me.  Kids!

8. If you could go back and relive one day of your life, which day would you choose?
A day during last October's vacation...that i want to blog about in October.  It was full of delicious quiche, special hot chocolate, a romantic fairytale environment, a wonderful coincidence, raspberry beer, and a well worn copy of a Rick Steve's travel guide.

I am tagging everyone who read this and would like to answer these questions on your own blog.  If you do, would you let me know?  I'd love to come over and learn more about you!

And thank you, Sherlyn and your sweet, dimple faced children at Two Girls and a Soldier, who gave me this:

Lastly, thank you Fresh Nest Design for featuring my sunroom redo!  Whew.  Think that's it...have a fantastic weekend my friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The smartest card

Ok, ok, i know I've told you all about my love affair with the library, but here is an even greater reason to go! 

Library card sign up month!  Is that not the best?  I love that they have an official month promoting library goodness!  I always said that when i have kids, taking them to library is going to be a special treat.  I want them to looove reading as much as i do.  Getting out of the house, going to a room designated solely for children's books, allowing them to have free reign over the books they choose!  They'll take their little canvas bags proudly to the desk and "pay" for the books themselves.  Costing me zero money?  Yes, please!

I see I have thought about this waaay too much, but I can't quite help myself! It is disheartening to hear young people say they hate to read, or they stop reading once they get out of school.  Or they update their Facebook status five thousand times a day with "I'm bored.  Text me.  I'm bored." Read a flippin' book, and you won't be bored!  We must start young, my friends, and promote reading for pleasure.

 So if your little ones, your big ones, or you need library cards, get thee to a library.

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's all good at Homegoods

Are these not the perfect addition to my black and white dining room?  i had, repeat, had to have them them.  Not only would they work year round, but how bout with a pumpkin on them for Halloween?  They've actually inspired a new path for my Halloween decorating that you'll have to wait and see.  I hope it works out as nicely as I'm envisioning, especially since i already bought the goodies. 

Because it looks like something we could diy, i wanted to tell you that the base was already glossy black, and the white plate was attached.  All i did was take a cheese dome lid and cross my fingers that it would fit over the large and in charge pine cone! 

Ok, so i bought both of them.  One was priced at 5.00, and one was priced at 7.00.  At the register i inquired about this strange discrepancy, and after huddling and whispering and being satisfied i didn't stick the lower price sticker on myself (well, i never!) they let me buy them both at 5.00.  Woot!  Good thing i scored that second cheese dome for free!  My friend made the center arrangement for my birthday a few years back.  Ain't it cute?

Oh, and that blurry thing in the right corner?

Could not get a shot in once she got up there. Love that she's on the table runner, like she's the next logical step in dining room decorating!

How dramatic she looks!  I was going to say something like, what an inexpensive tabletop display, but then if you count the adoption fee for the cat, it's really not.  Seriously, i crack myself up!

Here's to a great week with cool temps and lots of sun!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Scent of a woman

There's nothing i like more than having the windows open on a fall evening- no longer needing the ceiling fan - and smelling the yummy goodness of a food themed candle.  I have lifted my ban on candle buying because i finally used up my stash, and i discovered a new Fall favorite.

Holy moly, this is good.  It's burning deliciously right now, and i can practically taste the cinnamony, spicey....fallness of it all.  This is my first candle burning of the season, and it didn't disappoint!

This is my go to winter scent.  I know, I know, it says Xmas cookie, but it smells like delicious sugar cookie.  I just turn it around so the label faces the wall and burn, baby, burn. 

Pepperminty goodness.  My "weeks surrounding Xmas" scent, which explains why i'm still on the same candle gifted to me 2 years ago.

I relied on my father's nose for this one, and he assures me it meets my dessert loving criteria. The man is thrilled i have lifted the "no candle buying ban" and is determined to replenish my collection.  It's very thoughtful, don't get me wrong, but he is the reason the ban was put in place to begin with! 

So what's your favorite candle scent?  Do you burn specific ones for the seasons?  I'd love some recommendations! 

images from
I received no free candles or any other incentives from yankee candle, although it'd be sa-weet if i did.  this is just the brand i use and can speak to from experience.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What month is this?

Dear stores that have out their Christmas displays on the fifteenth of September,

I loathe you!!  It isn't even fricking Halloween for crying out loud, and you are already inundating me (Jewish!!) with seasonal decor.  For the wrong season!!  Oh yes, we are rocking the double explanation points, and you don't even wanna know what that means. 

Is the day after Thanksgiving not enough for you?  You have more than enough time to tout your goods then!! (double).  Last year i wasn't able to get anything good on clearance b/c you were putting it all away to make MORE room for jolly Santas and gazillions of ornaments and stupid reindeer (which you think are nondenominational, but let me tell you, are not.)  It isn't like i want Chanukah things out to make it even, besides, whaddya put out anyway.  Ooh, a pack of candles for the menorah.  Wowzers, another cheap ass plastic dreidel.  Be still my heart.  I can hardly control my excitement.  Homegoods and TJMaxx are the exceptions, with real decor items that I actually want to display for the season.  You should all take a lesson from them (cough, Kohl's, cough).

Just leave up the fall items and give Halloween it's due, and nobody will get hurt.

Totally fed up,
The Cape on the Corner

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes, Fall is the most wonderful time of the year, in my humble opinion!  Crisp autumn air.  Crunching through leaves. Needing a light jacket.  Caramel apples.  Scarecrow festival.  The Perfect Autumn scent from Bath and Body Works.  My birthday.  All very, very good things.

This weekend was so lovely and fall like, and it was finally time to do tier 1 of decorating.  I discovered i have 4 Rubbermaid containers of Halloween decorations/clothes which will come out in October, and only 1 container of Fall items.  Clearly, i see a need to even things out, don't you?  The living room is the only place i can really decorate, besides the dining room table and a not really blog worthy fall runner on the kitchen table, so i give you Living Room, Fall 2010.  Extra thrifty style.

Hall table.  Halloween books (hmm, not fall...) propping up post-fall clearance scarecrow from Joann's bought last year.  That book above Vampire A-Z tells of the real origins of Halloween, with information i used to educate a former coworker when she gave me a pamphlet calling it the "devils holiday".  i probably should have kept it, i could have put it out as holiday decor, instead of angrily throwing it in the trash.

Sorry this is so dark, but i don't put the pictures through editing.  Believe me, there would never be new posts if i had to spend extra time doing that.  These pumpkins are from Lillian Vernon, and they do double duty since there are H'ween images on the other side.  I'm always thinkin' (taps head).

I'm quite proud that all that glassware, including candlesticks, were thrift store purchases from this year.  For a girl who loves Fall, i told you i was lacking! 

Oh my goodness, i looooove this set of table covers (modeled by my ottomans).  S bought them for me on vacation last year and they were really expensive, but they are the perfect addition.  I must have had nothing before! 

Thank you for joining me on my Fall decor tour of the living room.  What has been your best Fall find, the one that really "makes it"?

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Breaking it down, free style

Otherwise known as stuff in box 1 and box 2 from last week's mega haul of free stuff

Proof that men don't listen: I brought this license plate cover to S's attention for his dad's truck.  nothing.  I make my way over to another table, and S calls to me, waving this in the air.  What do i think about it for his dad's truck.  Classic.

Anita Shreve's "The last time they met"-anyone read it?  4 window candles, 2 of which are motion sensored and 1 of which is in another box.  Think this would be fun with orange candles for H'ween.  

Obsessed with that wicker suitcase/picnic case.  What will i do with it?  For free, it came home with me.

Frame selection, hideous shaped wood item, Easter table cloth for S's mom. 

Baseball themed BBQ set, never used.  The baseballs are salt and pepper shakers.  Perfect gift for friends who will soon be having their first BBQ at their new house and coincidentally love the Phils.

Wire baskets: inspired by the pantry redo craze at House of Smiths.  Doesn't fit on my pantry shelves, how do you like that!

Well, why not?  Spray paint cans fit perfectly, but for now corralling S's crap that lives on the kitchen table. 

More to come next week.  And the week after.  And the week after.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

She's extremely versatile, you know.

Firefly at Throwing Paint thinks I'm versatile! And award worthy!

I found Firefly when she left a comment on my fave musical voices post and it turns out she has Musical Mondays on her blog.  What i love is that she posts the lyrics, so you can really get a sense of why that particular music means something to her. She also saved my blog when Blogger wasn't working and came back to follow!  Unheard of!  Love her for that!

Versatile Blogger rules:
 Thank and link the award giver, list 7 things about yourself, and pass it on!  No number to pass it on to, thank goodness, b/c that part stresses me out for sure!

7 things:
1.  No matter how technologically advanced we get, i refuse to stop buying cds.   i need the cds for my collection, to play in the car, and they can easily be loaded to my mp3 player.
2.  No matter how technologically advanced we get, i refuse to buy a kindle type apparatus.  i need books for my collection, and i need to get them from the library first.
3.  The word apparatus reminds me of My So Called Life, and i am absolutely 100% obsessed with that tv show.
4.  I will be seeing my first ventriliquist comedian this weekend and i'm afraid it's going to be awkward.
5.  I love chicken salad.
6.  I am obsessed with the dalai lama merely b/c he's a cute little man.  I have a picture of him up at work. He's smiling at me.  He's so happy.
7.  I can't wait to decorate for fall, glorious fall, this weekend!

I am passing this award onto 4 ladies who are fabulous commenters (since i found the awarder thru comments) and whom i greatly appreciate!

Danielle and Clint @ The Newlyweds Paradise
Jeralee @ Seeing the Potential
Crazy Garden Lady
Christy B @ Achieving Simplicity in Life

Go forth and be versatile! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The great fireplace debate

You guys know the state of the's pretty much the same and slow going, cuz this is a one man show around here.  We have the framing for the 1/2 bath and the pocket doors that will lead to the laundry room, and yesterday we S ran the gas line to the kitchen so that when we update appliances we can get a gas range.

And that is the subject of today's post.  Do we run a gas line for a fireplace?  Even if we go electric fireplace route, do we really need to spend a few hundred dollars on one?  What say ye about having a fireplace?  Do you love yours?  Does it just sit there and let you vignette around it?  Corner, not corner?

Massive theatre screen is rather restrictive in this venture, i think even a corner fireplace will be in the way when that puppy's down...but S wants to have the tv in the corner so the bar area can view it easily.  Gah.  So should tv and fireplace be in the same spot (corner) or compete with one another (but ultimately be filling a big wall of emptiness with something pretty.)

Here's what i on the wall route, rather modern, allowing for screen to come down easily, but when screen is up it's pretty.   CSN never ceases to amaze me...these are from  Who knew?

 the high dollar version, close to $1,500.

$299 version.  Granted, i don't like seeing those gel insert thingys.

A corner version! 

Not sure about this...reminds me of the sand in a bottle thing you do with your kids.  you know?  $499.

High dollar version, $1599.

This is the one we may go for, from  It's gas, which means "real fire" and it's $550.  That is not a bad price at all, but i am stuck on the "do we really need it" part.  Would you do it?

So, what say ye?  I'd love to know where you stand!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The livin' is easy

Pretty much been living in the sunroom this weekend.  Fantastic weather, breezy, wind chimes in the distance.  Couldn't ask for more!  Maybe sudden algebra genius, but besides that, nothing more!  Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather and this extended weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Algebra Shmalgebra

I have been putting off studying for about a week, knowing this weekend i would hunker down and look over the algebra review for the grad school i've applied to.  I go next Tuesday to take the assessment test and see if i place out of the math, but i'm thinking, hell to the no.  That is not going to happen.  I've been looking at this for 3 hours, and i totally can't get it.  It doesn't help that i am harboring some real anger over having to even take algebra.  I have been in the working world, if you will, since 2001.  I only had 2 college courses of math for my degree.  Let me tell you, i haven't used algebra in all that time.  And i don't anticipate that i will.  So can someone please tell me why i need to take a stinking algebra course?!  It isn't like i'm going for some sort of math centered or science centered degree where i would be utilizing it in my future work.  Does anyone utilize it in their daily work?  Besides algebra teachers?  This sucks, it is going to cost more money since there is no way i will place out of it, and it is irrelevant to my daily life!


google images

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roller Coaster of Love

Look, isn't that little couple so sweet?  Their picture is in all six of these glass coasters, a house warming gift 3 years ago.  And it's been 3 years that my intention was to change these pictures, b/c this sweet little couple does not belong to me, although every one using the coasters asks who they are! 

Tsk, seriously, so sweet. I like to believe they are a real couple, of course, and they are someone's nonni and poppi, and that they are Italian. They're standing in front of a bakery, people, and they just made fresh cannolis.  You with me?  Mmm...cannolis.

And as much as we love nonni and poppi, or, you know, members of our own, real, actually existing and not made up family, we may not want to place our cold beer or bottle of water on their faces. 

Enter random bits of leftover scrapbook paper that match the room.

I merely used nonni and poppi for guidance, and inserted them in the slot in the back.  Easy peasy, and also free-sy. 

Ta da!  I made 2 of each kind.  Now when people use the coasters i don't have to explain my fictitious family, and they can pay attention to the actual photos around the house, not the cropped version beneath their beverage.