Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A ghetto fabulous fall

Alternately titled "A lazy girl's guide to first tier fall decorating" or " how to recognize our favorite season without schlepping out the bins o' fall."

What?  It's like one of those puzzles where you have to shift everything around just to get to the piece you want.  I'm getting tired just thinking about it.  Thankfully there were some pine cones and jars in my dining room closet, and it was an opportunity to get in on the bunting craze. 

Still working off the same pile of scrap book paper from crafts of yore, this time it was a hunt for oranges and browns.  I think it's adorable, S asked if it was a used car lot.  Clearly, he is not in on the bunting craze.

Said thrift store jars, said pine cones.  Stack o' books with orange polka dot ribbon.  Bam.  Fall.

Ghetto fabulous!  You see how i affixed these?

Staples!  And tape! 

 And yes, those are two previous attempts at snagging the ribbon that didn't go very well.  Remember, this is the lazy girl's guide.  And lazy girls don't look for staple removers.

 Bunting over here, bunting over there.

Bunting, um, no where else just yet.....Let's go see what's in the dining room...

Ooh, corks and pine cones.  What fun textures.

A layering of table runners...I thought the white made the leaves pop.

Who else is in tier one of decorating out of laziness?  Or are you full throttle head to toe Halloween? I've got to get to those bins. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Letters about coffee

Dear Starbucks,

Are those pumpkin spice lattes you have this time of year really that good?  Everyone seems to be over the (harvest) moon for them, yet i have yet to try them.  It's your location that keeps me away-your parking lot is the size of a postage stamp.  Cars circle 'round like vultures and two or three tail you to your car.  I don't need that sort of pressure when i'm trying to back up.  Also, your pricing is ridiculous.  Shall i bite the bullet for this once a year treat?

Dear Wawa,

New pumpkin spice cappuccinos?  How similar to Starbucks, and yet your price is so right.  Shall i see what all the fuss is about?  (After sipping) Ooh, child, this is fabulous stuff.  I can see why people get excited over this drink.  Thank you for selling 16 ounces for, like, a dollar.  This is my new favorite fall treat.  I am already thinking about the next Wawa run i can make.

 Do me a favor, ok?  Bring this back every year.  Don't tease me like you did with your winter time sugar cookie cappuccino, because where's that been these last two seasons, huh?  Believe me, i look, and i've been disappointed.  Gingerbread is most certainly not the same. 

And, um, i promise that wasn't me taking all those packets of sweet n low.  That was somebody else super excited to be stuffing them in rocking their burnt orange fall bag.

Yours in good drink,
the cape on the corner


Friday, September 9, 2011

Follwing the path to fall

Ok.  Enough wallowing.  Who am i kidding, of course there'll be more wallowing.  I'll forever wallow.  It's my blog, and i'll wallow if i want to.  But.  Amidst all this wallowing, what do i see?  A good and proper sign of fall.  A perfectly placed, "hey, you there, look here" sign, literally showing me the path that will bring me out of wallowsville.

Look at this perfect little leaf and its rain drenched outline.


"That's right", i thought to myself.  This is most wonderful time of the year.  I want to want to decorate my home with leaves and pumpkins.  I want to link up to fall blog parties, and enjoy what others are creating.  I want to be able to enjoy this delicious autumn. 

  Thank you, friends, for your kind words during this time of great despair. 

 Thank you, little peaceful, perfectly placed leaf, for showing me the way out.