Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Total Slacker

Yes, that's right, i'm a total blog slacker.  My wonderful friend Linda had to ask if i chose a winner for the 2 giveaways....and yes i did.  I just did not blog about it.  I did contact the winners, which is way better than announcing the giveaway winners and NOT contacting them, like some bloggers.  Which is my super huge blog pet peeve.  Of which i have, like, many.  Total My So Called Life quote right there.

Would the fact that i leave for vacation really really soon be a good excuse for my slacker ways?  There's been a lot of clothing trying on and discarding (you do that, too, right?  Try everything on?)  There's been a lot of staring at my cat and crying-i seriously hate to leave her.  If i could wear her like a baby in a sling strapped to my body, believe me, i would.  There's been a lot of CD and ebook downloading.  There's been a lot of later work hours messing up my normal schedule. 

So let's get to it--the winner of the Ramsign giveaway was super cool, zombie loving, cupcake making Sourkraut and the winner of the Miracle Gro giveaway was good find collecting, etsy shop having, new friend Debbie.

But don't go yet--help me!  Has anyone been to Aruba?  I told you guys my reason for going, and my stepmom and trip advisor have given me lots of recommendations for restaurants and beach locations.  But what else?  Is there someplace i must try?  Something you wish you knew before you took your trip there?

Monday, April 2, 2012

We don't need your stinking taxes!

Excuse me, IRS, but my cat ate my taxes. Think that excuse will go over well? This is what happened when we tried to e-file...apparently Sunday doesn't want to see us owe the government any money, either.

Taxes, Shmaxes.

This is literally a game of cat and mouse!  Ba dum bum!

Anyone else waiting til the last minute to file? 

Don't forget, the Ramsign and Miracle Gro giveaways both end on Wednesday!
Be sure to enter!