Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stick 'em up

The winner of the Uprinting giveaway for 250 stickers is.....

Wow...this actually does happen...comment number 1 is...

Congrats, Meg!  I'm so excited you won!  I'll be sending you an email in a moment!

Friday Thoughts on Wednesday

Well hello there.  How's everyone's week thus far?  Are you having a temporary break in humidity?  We are, and i think it's making me abnormally giddy and upbeat.

We're going to do Friday thoughts today-I've had a lucky week and there's things that need to be said and Friday is sort of up in the air.

1.  Why is Friday up in the air?  Because i am supposed to have jury duty this week!  Gah!  I am very curious about jury duty, actually, and wouldn't mind serving, but we are supposed to spend the day with my dad and (although it isn't even 100% certain) i'm already freaking out and imagining being stuck in a trial instead.  If you're new here, it must be said that i have a tendency to get easily excited, and jump to conclusions, and freak out before events even happen, and just get ahead of myself.

2.  My sickness is back, darn it all!  I don't want to visit with my dad and his compromised immune system if i am sickly. 

3.  Quadruple score-a surprise package from my sweet friend Linda,  a win from Chelsea, a win from Brittany, and a win from Stephenie Lynn.  Feature posts to follow.

4.  Speaking of feature posts...Laura and Andrea from Ever After Blueprint asked me to be a part of their Front Door series.  Please pay their gorgeous blog a visit.

5.  I have rediscovered the forgotten joys of honey roasted sesame sticks.

6.  Hey big money-JC Penney and Pier 1 coupons for $10 off a $10 purchase?  It's like stealing!

7.  A trip to Ocean City Maryland is in the immediate future...any recommendations of places to eat or other must sees?

8.  The sticker giveaway ends tonight!  I wish it could have ran for longer, but jury duty (or the possibility of that) is mucking up the timeline and there are rules i must adhere to involving the giveaway. 

9.  So enter it, for goodness sakes!  It ends tonight at 11pm eastern.  Good=your chances of winning.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sticker Shock

**This giveaway is closed.  I was asked to edit the links from uprinting, so i don't know if that means it will post again**

I am so stinkin' excited to offer this giveaway from Uprinting

250 customizable stickers for one lucky winner. 

Do it as an address sticker.  Do it as a "Good job from Mrs. So and so" if you're a teacher.  Do it as an awareness raising aid.  Do it to promote your Etsy shop.  In the immortal words of Nike, just do it.

They also offer these labels, using the standard label templates.

The particulars:

*You need to be a follower of this ever so wonderful blog
* Leave a comment telling me what you'd do with your stickers

For extra entries:
* like Uprinting on facebook
* like my facebook page
*leave a separate comment for each

Giveaway will be open until 11 pm Wednesday July 27th.  Good luck, my friends!

*Stickers are 2" x 3.5" 70lb Label Matte, Front Only Printing, with 4 Business Days Turnaround.  Giveaway limited to US residents 18 and over, and ineligible if won another Uprinting giveaway in the last 6 months.

This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given but I will receive stickers for hosting, which i shall use for my outreach events for my agency.  See, totally selfless, i am.  Check out the standard label templates on Uprinting.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You should be framed in a fine art gallery

I know, it's nothing new to blogland.  But swimming around in my head is a gallery wall for the living room, above the tv.  Last week i finally laid it out.  Every frame is free except the ones flanking either side, and even those were 4 dollars with matting.  Since they were free, they came with questionable artwork....please keep in mind i won't be using Americana bunny in upper right corner, or middle frame's wheel and mailbox scene of loveliness.  In a rather genius maneuver, that trifold is representing the TV.

I do not know why this did not play out when i actually put the tester pieces on the wall (over the existing artwork, no less).  There's something amiss, but what?  Clearly not as much as a genius maneuver as i thought.

This is how i keep myself busy while S is away on business.
Do you guys think it's too much for such a little space?

It's also hilarious when your partner, having returned early from said business trip, sends you a text wondering what the heck is this shite all over the living room wall. The man even used a red faced angry emoticon!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Thoughts

You know, i quite like this.  A weekly post where venting or excitement or just things looking forward to over the weekend can be shared.  I imagine it like the Saturday Night Live "Deep Thoughts" segment, so in my head there's a voiceover all airy and breathy going "And now....Friday Thoughts."


And now....Friday Thoughts.

1.  We are having an ice cream social this afternoon at my office.  And then we are closing early.  Have i mentioned how much i love my agency?

2.  Because apparently one can never have enough ice cream, the boyfriend and i are going to New Jersey's ice cream festival.  He hopes to enter the adult ice cream eating contest.  Note to self.  Charge battery.  Bring Camera.  This we must document.  Maybe even enlarge for the basement.

3.  This weather is faaabulous!  It is momentarily not humid, nor feel-it-on-your-skin disgusting.  Windows were open last night. In July.  Unheard of. 

4. I desperately need a haircut. My lady up and quit a month ago, which i only found out when i went for my appointment. Nice. Not only that, the shop was closed for a "princess party" which they neglected to tell me. Explains why little girls in tiaras looked at me like an intruder when i started banging on the door. In all honesty, i was giving them dagger eyes for being up at 10 am on a Saturday when the place is usually quiet. Let's just say they went home pretty, and i most certainly did not.

5.  On the dad's been a fricking roller coaster.  I'm not gonna lie, as of Wednesday that was it, all options explored.  Then can another hospital magically come up with 2 more chemos that the cancer center never mentioned in 4 months of care?  This isn't a used car, for god's sake.  You shouldn't have to shop around for the best price, or see what another dealership has to offer.  This is someone's life. Because at what point do you stop looking?  At what point are you supposed to feel confident in the care that you are getting? 

6.  Netflix, i take back that i boasted about you in a previous post.  I do not appreciate your rate hike one bit, nor the removal of instant movies unless i pay extra.  I even called you my best friend!  Best friends don't do that to each other. You should be ashamed. 

7.  My wonderful aunt and uncle and cousin are in from Florida. Very excited to be spending time with them this weekend. We will be about 8 people (and 1 dog) crammed into one little condo, but we'll make it work. I hope.

8.  It's starting!  The back to school ads are out, harvest decor is on display.  I, for one, am ecstatic/high/manic happy about this.  Until they start with the "holiday" stuff....i give them about a month til we see some reindeer.

9.  Does it not feel like a Friday to anybody else? I love this, it's way better than feeling like a Friday midweek and realize there's still more days to go.

What are your thoughts this Friday?  Anything you're looking forward to this weekend?  Anything you need to vent? 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Wonderful, So Marvelous

I'm guest posting at Michelle's fabulous and smart and snarky blog whilst she's on maternity leave.  I list a few like and dislikes...want to see if we share some?  Want to see awesome makeovers, like her son's rockin' big boy room?  Seriously, that's some good gallery wall. 

 Head on over to So Wonderful, So Marvelous!  Tell her i sent ya, and maybe congratulate her on baby number two!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mostly free thrifty finds

Anybody go to one of those "i heart thrifting" events?  I heard at the last second there was a Philly event, but it was too last second for my preplanned kind of mind.  So, not from this weekend, but here are some recent thrifting/yard sale finds.  Enjoy!

How neat will this be for the basement?  We're super excited for this guy.  This is the only item in this post that actual money was exchanged for ($20).

Buh bye bears, hola picasso print.  Direct from Spain.  Shh-i know it's just a print that could have come from anywhere, but this one i guarded and finely handled through 2 different airports, security checks, and a 7 hour plane ride.  Looks a bit fancier with matting, too.

Bevvy of garage sale left over frames and can easily be painted over artwork. 
Read:  FREE

Always room for Christmas goodies-perfect for the white elephant exchange that we do every year.  (free from church leftover sale)

Gift bag.  Full of gift bags.  Plus a cat.  Why not?  (free)

Getting comfy, of course.

milk glass vase. (free)

Pretty (free) pitcher. I see lemonade, and sitting out back on a swing. And an imaginary world where there's no bugs. And no humidity. And no neighbors blaring the Phillies game. Hmm, this imaginary world is quite nice.

Who else has recent finds?  Occasionally daydreams about an imaginary world-what happens in yours?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wop wop

my bubble is burst. 

you know i'm on this quest to debrownify the living brown.  debrownify, to me, means adding white.  just go with it.

i've never been happy with the hand me down/borrowed end tables.  thought of spray painting them (white, of course.) they're yellowish and knotty.  knot for me.

found these from ikea.

they're white. and silver. and modern. check.

S informs me the big one is the size of our ottomans.  Not gonna cut it people, not gonna cut it. 

Boo, hiss.

What's bursting your decor bubble these days?  Let's commiserate.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Thoughts

Things that are happening on this wonderful Friday at the cape on the corner:

1.  This afternoon I am guest posting on House of Hepworth's while they are on a month long road trip.  I am jealous of the trip, not the road.  Me in a car for a long time would not go well. 

2.  Spacklers are in the hizouse!  Spackling the basement.  The actual basement.  I must post about's glorious.  And time consuming, which is why there's been like 3 posts relating to this space in over a year.

3.  Spacklers cost a lot of money, especially for people who usually do everything themselves.  We have not hired out for anything on this house except for the cinderblock for the garage.  But these spacklers are going to be done in 2 days which would have taken the boyfriend...yeah, you know, let's not even go there.  Happy thoughts.

4.  I am done work in 3 hours.  I love my agency.

5.  Somewhere, there will be fireworks this weekend.  I don't care where we see them, but we're seeing them.

6.  Also, there will be grilling. 

7.  I am rocking a summer scarf.  I think i'm pulling it off.  Don't tell me if i'm not.  It was only 4.99, thank you boscovs. 

8.  I have discovered Christina Perri, and have been listening to that voice for 3 days straight.  Thank you swagbucks.

9.  My ipod has the second and third Hunger Games on it.  I am prepared for the long weekend.

What's happening in your world today?  Happy 4th, everyone!