Monday, April 5, 2010

Dethatchification...yes, that's a word. possibly.

"It is important to remember that if you are NOT experienced in dethatching you may want to hire somebody who is. You don't want to destroy your lawn in the process of dethatching."

mm hmm, mm hmm....

"Dethatching is NOT a pretty process."

oh, i see...

Interesting, very interesting. These expert tidbits i find AFTER S decided to take it upon himself to use his newfound toy yesterday. Apparently the previous owners left an attachment that affixes to a lawn mower, and S gave it a whirl whilst consulting a fold up instruction manual. Official. Following the dethatching, he mowed to pick up whatever was riled up in the process. After that he poured on what he creepily referred to as his "magic elixer" of epsom salt, ammonia, listerine, and beer. The man wasted perfectly good Yuengling on a lawn of weeds!

oh goodness..."excessive thatch accumulation can result in increased insect and disease occurrence." Sometimes the internet is not a helpful place.

"Thatching frees new grass shoots to grow in thick and lush." Wait, that's promising. I am returning home with hope that my green, albeit weed ridden, lawn is not a brown, dead mess.
Does anyone have dethatching experience or advice? How did this turn out for you? What can i expect when i get home?


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, call me and I'll tell you how our dethatching went :(

The Single Nester said...

Can you be a dethatcher if you have a black thumb?