Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Friday Thoughts on Wednesday

Well hello there.  How's everyone's week thus far?  Are you having a temporary break in humidity?  We are, and i think it's making me abnormally giddy and upbeat.

We're going to do Friday thoughts today-I've had a lucky week and there's things that need to be said and Friday is sort of up in the air.

1.  Why is Friday up in the air?  Because i am supposed to have jury duty this week!  Gah!  I am very curious about jury duty, actually, and wouldn't mind serving, but we are supposed to spend the day with my dad and (although it isn't even 100% certain) i'm already freaking out and imagining being stuck in a trial instead.  If you're new here, it must be said that i have a tendency to get easily excited, and jump to conclusions, and freak out before events even happen, and just get ahead of myself.

2.  My sickness is back, darn it all!  I don't want to visit with my dad and his compromised immune system if i am sickly. 

3.  Quadruple score-a surprise package from my sweet friend Linda,  a win from Chelsea, a win from Brittany, and a win from Stephenie Lynn.  Feature posts to follow.

4.  Speaking of feature posts...Laura and Andrea from Ever After Blueprint asked me to be a part of their Front Door series.  Please pay their gorgeous blog a visit.

5.  I have rediscovered the forgotten joys of honey roasted sesame sticks.

6.  Hey big money-JC Penney and Pier 1 coupons for $10 off a $10 purchase?  It's like stealing!

7.  A trip to Ocean City Maryland is in the immediate future...any recommendations of places to eat or other must sees?

8.  The sticker giveaway ends tonight!  I wish it could have ran for longer, but jury duty (or the possibility of that) is mucking up the timeline and there are rules i must adhere to involving the giveaway. 

9.  So enter it, for goodness sakes!  It ends tonight at 11pm eastern.  Good=your chances of winning.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh sounds like a good week! Isn't winning fun? I can't wait to hear about all your goodies! Jury I am 61 and a registered voter since the age of 21 and i have never been called for jury duty...can you believe that? weird and I would enjoy the experience. Hope it does not keep you from some time with your Dad. So get well!!!!

Rachel said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Congrats on the giveaway wins! I won 2 about a few weeks ago! :D Which one I haven't heard from the Etsy shop owner...thinking should I email the giveaway host or the shop owner? I LOVE those $10 off of $10, I used my Pier 1 the other day to get 2 of those cute cow creamers (one for me and one for a friend)! Have a great rest of the week! :)

Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

I'm jealous you have a break in the humidity. In Mid-MO, we are 100+ degree days and high humidity. I sweat walking from my front door to my driveway.

I looked more at the website for your giveaway and found more options to get! I would LOVE to win. I've never won anything before. I try and try but all I've received was a free soda back in junior high. Nothing cool from blogs (yet - my fingers are crossed!).

Have fun on your vaca, and I hope you don't have jury duty - or do, if that's what you want. :)

Lauren @ 31diy said...

Congrats on the features! And $10 off coupon on a $10 purchase?! I believe we have a couponing champion in our midst. hehe! :)

Good luck with the jury duty! I got called once, but I had an excuse in that I was a student, so they let me off. I'm not sure why that is any more important than what other people have going on, but I didn't ask any questions after that.

Kim Franklin said...

Jury Duty is always rough... I am always scared of getting on a long case too! I remember one time at a high court I almost got placed on a murder case... thank goodness I was not picked, that would have been horrible.

- Much love, Trashy Crafter Kim

The Single Nester said...

I have never received a coupon from Pier 1 - I used to love that place but these last two years, it's been hit or miss for me.