Friday, March 26, 2010

she's a maniac (maniac) at the craft store

I have a teeny tiny tendency to get overly excited about things and become rather obsessed. It was merely days ago when i posted about how i would like to mod podge me up some words for the sunroom, like READ or RELAX, and i have been thinking about little else since. At the first convenient moment, I found myself at Michaels scouring the $1 section for scrapbook paper even though i have no idea if the wood letters will even FIT in the spot i have in mind, rendering this particular craft kaput. It's quite obvious that that didn't stop me from buying an insane amount of supplies. You know, for future projects, cuz i have so many. Had nothing to do with the fact that these were all half off items, making the majority of them 50 cents.

Here's a close up of some embellishmenty things, movie coasters for the basement, my letter to see if it will fit, a tin with a divine smelling vanilla candle, an apothecary jar beginning (b/c i'm like a child and therefore want what everyone else has) and a .29 book.

29 cents! What am i going to do with it? Who the heck knows! i couldn't let it sit there! What would you do with it?

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Fowl Single File said...

Very handsome papers. I don't think I would've passed those up even if they'd been regular priced. Have you used them yet?