Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bouqs-Making me the best niece ever

Some lucky bloggers were ordering these gorgeous flowers from a company called Bouqs, and i wanted in.  When Bouqs contacted me with an opportunity to order my own, i was all yesss. But then i thought, it's the season of giving-why keep these flowers for yourself when you can send them to your Aunt who is hosting Thanksgiving. These will adorn her table, she will be pleasantly surprised to receive such things, and you will be known as the best niece ever.  So that's what i did.  Officially the best niece ever right here.

With the idea that these would be sent for Thanksgiving, i went with a dozen of these orangey red roses.

I was really impressed with the selection and the pricing-a discount code when you sign up, more discount codes emailed to me after this purchase, on their web page right now there's a code for double the amount of flowers. Sold.

But let's talk about the flowers. They aren't just any old flowers. These beauties are cut from the volcano only when you place your order so your flowers arrive the freshest.  They cut only what they sell, so the farms are eco friendly and sustainable.  I was shocked to actually get a tracking code for them, and for the origination to actually be from Quito, Ecuador.

What a great way to show someone you care this holiday season, for a special occasion, or for a not so special occasion.

You could be the best _______ ever.

World's Greatest Niece,

I am now a Bouqs ambassador and affiliate, and am recommending them based on the fabulous experience that i had.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Pretty!! Love flowers and this sounds like a good company! I'll check it out, best niece ever!

Our Hopeful Home said...

I'm an affiliate, too. I ordered the same bouquet for my own Thanksgiving table and had fun with it.

The Boston Lady said...

I will check this out! In the meantime, two new titles for you: Foxcatcher and Force Majuere. Both creepy, tense in their own ways. You are one of the few I can recommend some of the more obscure titles to. Hope you are not getting snowed under! Ann

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Lovely! And won you the Best Niece title! Perfect ;)

Organized Island said...

Oh I have not heard of Bouqs. Those flowers are really pretty! Going to have to check them out.