Monday, September 28, 2020

Instagram is where it's at

 It takes me a while to embrace new things. Smartphones, scarves as accessories, layered rugs...instagram. 

But I've done it. 

Hi, my name's Blake, and I'm a former anonymous blogger telling you my name (it's so personal!) and hoping you'll still be interested in the goings on at the cape on the corner. Except there's no hiding behind the cape on the corner, it's going to be Blake. Because it's about time that Blake got gram. 

Literally, that's my insta name. Blakegotgram. 

Blogging turned into sales pitches. And felt like a chore. I just wanted to share snippets and snapshots of things that thrill and delight me with some occasional snark. Turns out, with my 1 day worth of knowledge, that is Instagram! 

And I felt inspired! And creative! And ideas came! And I felt excited about sharing in a way I hadn't for 5 freaking years on the blog. 

Travel, cats, decor, random musings...this shall exist again.

Blakegotgram....bc it feels about time that blake got gram. Hope you'll join me there.

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