Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heaps of receipts

We were having a situation with the screen door yesterday which required us to find the receipt.  Which required us to go through heaps of receipts, all from Home Depot.  Keep in mind these are only S's receipts, not mine from buying plants or "girly" things (or as girly as the HD can get).  This is all in materials, not home decor items, nor paint, nor tiles since we didn't get any of those items there. 

You might think this is nothing, or insist that you have more, but this is after copious amounts of S smooshing to compress this pile, and after alternating directions so that it didn't topple over.  The man does that with his socks and skivvies, too, so they fit in the drawer better.  You'd think he'd been in the military with this orderliness, but no.

Oh yes, that's a lot of paper.  And that's a lot of money.  We didn't want to make ourselves sick, so we did not tally it all up.  Keep in mind, we are in the middle of finishing the basement, haven't done a thing to the kitchen, and will one day raise up the second story completely.  Maybe by that time we'll have won the lottery!  A girl can dream, can't she?!?


DesignTies said...

So did you actually find the receipt you were looking for in that big pile?! I'm so bad about losing receipts. Luckily most stores I shop at will give you either a refund or store credit if you return something without a receipt.

Of course a girl can dream -- I dream about winning the lottery all the time!! :-)

I love your comment that you can't be wearing polka dots and be in a crappy mood :-)


Aviva said...

Wow-wee! Is it bad that I'm just impressed you've actually managed to keep the receipts and can find them when neccessary? ;)

Btw, I am in fact jewish. And I just saw your comment MOMENTS after a strange phone conversation at work where the person on the other end just kept muttering 'wow' when they heard my name. So thanks for the 'aviva' love lol! It was very timeful.