Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ranting and raving and premature excitement

I like to start posts like we are good friends in the midst of an already fun conversation.  cuz we totally would be.

Mmkay, so yesterday i went to the dollar store to buy some greeting cards, and what do i spy with my little eye in the card section?  Halloween cards.  Now this might upset some people, b/c sure, it isn't even summer yet.  But little old me did a jig and squealed because i looooooooooooove halloween.  And the fall.  And i am always ready for it to be fall, and therefore Halloween. 

The manager of the store happened to be there, witnessing my silly dance, and hearing my high pitched squeal, and he explained to me that it is officially back to school season.  Kids aren't even OUT of school, and it's back to school for retail.  Is no one else disturbed by this?  Even more disturbing is when he said that July 4th weekend kicks off Christmas retail season!  So i don't want to hear people complaining about Halloween, b/c it doesn't get it's due.  Christmas items in stores should not go from July-December.   Halloween gets rushed out so early, before it's even fall, to make room for a holiday that is 5 months away?  It's insane.  And i get gypped out of good clearance items so they can stock more and more "holiday" decor.

My favorite thing, and to me signifying the start to fall, is when the Sunday paper brings me circulars depicting scarecrows for sale at the craft stores.  Even better is when i stumble upon those haunted villages that take up an entire aisle.  You know what i mean, they replace it with Christmas villages about a week later?

So the point of these non sequitor rantings, friends, is that i am so flippin' excited to have a blog and be a blog reader as we head into the fall/Halloween season.  Did you not know it was gonna go there?  It's logical to me. 

My non crafty self is going to craft with the best of them if it involves leaves, and scarecrows, and bats, and ghosts, and witches, and anything else to make the house and yard extra haunty.  So get your glue guns loaded, cuz apparently it's time.  So says the retail world.  And I'm ready.  Though I'm probably alone.


Jill said...

He He He! Thanks for starting my day with a giggle! I can just imagine you screaming in the shop at the cards! Halloween isn't so big here in Australia, but I always so so many good craft ideas for it, maybe this year I"ll make more if it!! I'm sure I'll be inspired by many blogs when it comes to it!

Diana Mieczan said...

Such a great post..Thank you so much for commenting on my blog...I adore your blog and I cant wait to read more of your posts:)

Heather said...

I love that you pick up like we are old friends....I can just see you freaking out in Dollar Tree....which is btw, one of my fav cheapy places to get cards as well, duh! :)
Heather @

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You are so funny! While I hate the retail early bird thing I do enjoy a good holiday and Halloween is a good one. Blog land is so full of fun during the holidays!!!!