Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"interesting blogi"

Hello, Russian friends.  Or shall i, i don't know what Hello in Russian is, sorry.

 My new friend at La Maison Reid let me know that we, along with many others, were featured as "interesting blogi" on a russian blog.  This clarifies why as of yesterday i had a russian follower (hello sir).  She translated it via Babelfish if anyone is interested, and i would imagine his US readership is skyrocketing once everyone figures out they're highlighted.  I have to admit, being skeptical and pessimistic, that i am not 100% sure this isn't some sort of scam/spyware/evil virus infiltrator.  After checking other sites he joined and recognizing those blogs, i feel somewhat better about this.  This is strange...i'm talking about him, and he is probably reading this translated since he's a follower.  (hello again, sir, please don't be offended by my skepticism b/c you are 1. male and 2. russian.)  And why must i be so formal?  You don't see me calling anyone else ma'am!   

So if you are interested in seeing what other fun Babelfish has in store...."creamy is the kitchen table to repeat"(savvy chic home) and "it is built from zero shelf" (My Repurposed Life) go check out his blog.

On another note, i was awarded my very first blog award (yippee!!) from Jill and can't wait to get into that.  It shall be it's own post later in the week.

This has been the strangest day, and it's not even 9:45 am.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I guess Russian bloggers need love too???

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

hi there! thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and that would be wonderful about the award, please feel free to use any of the pictures that you like best.

and "hello" in russian is: Zdravstvujtye! simple enough, right?! ;)

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hello, Cute blog, adorable design, just stumbled upon you- I love your little home so so so cute. and love the wood stairs. We are in our 2nd home, and love being able to try new projects-change paint ..Cant wait to see some of your pics-
Just became a follower- so ill be back to check ya out.
Love seeing before-afters

Reunion Committee said...

yes I am still out here!!!!
ugh girl - I am busssy. Prom, graduation and parties (oh my). what is this award stuff? lol Whatever it is I am all for being in the lime light hahaha Use me away..