Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WTF-Hawaii style

Today's WTF takes us high above the clouds, Hawaiian style, since Craigslist is lookin' pretty smart (for the time being.)

Haleakala Crater in Maui is what i imagine the moon to look like.  The crater was made by Haleakala, a volcano that can erupt during our lifetime. Of course I'm pessimistic, so naturally i want to get out of there as quick as i can lest it erupt at that very moment.

But not before snapping some pretty pictures and hitting up the loo.  And then leaving the loo, asking your boyfriend for the camera while he stands mouth agape, and going back in the loo for pictures. 

This is a sign over the toilet, in the stall.  All reasonable requests up there.  But do you see that underneath?

It's in BRAILLE!!!!!

I am not being rude or insensitive, but why would a blind someone be randomly feeling behind the toilet to see if there is something they should be reading!!!  How high should they start their search for a sign?  This one was up pretty high and could have been easily missed.  Definitely a WTF.

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