Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just a girl and her cat

It's just us chickens at home this week.  S left early yesterday for a scuba diving trip in the Bahamas, and i will have no contact with him until Friday when he comes home.  This is my by no means a fancy trip, it's a really small boat, 25 passengers and 5 staff (including the captain, the cook, and the medic).  They will be out at sea and at an uninhabited island.  About 10 years ago he did this trip, and there was no way to tell him my grandmother died.  She was buried before i had a chance to tell him she died.  I have mixed feelings, since i know he enjoys the trip, but i hate not having contact. 

Anyway,  space is at such a minimum, that no hard suitcases are allowed b/c there is no place to store them.  Sunday had to give this bag the once over, even tho it wasn't even completely on the ground.

Sometimes i like a little alone time, so this week my plan is to Netflix up a storm.  I've already watched the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and it was amazing.  Anyone read the book?  I wish someone would have told me to get past the first 30 pages, b/c i gave up before hand.  How do you feel about books made into movies?  I sense a Twilight answer coming on....nothing wrong with that!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would not like the no communication either but it sounds like something he greatly enjoys. I love movies! Books made into movies are fun to watch but usually different then the books and seldom as good as the book. Enjoy your week!!

Kaleena J. said...

Your cat is awesome.

That's cool too, I also planned to have this week planned for nothing my alone time with myself. I hope you enjoy your week.

Reunion Committee said...

oh i loved the book, but my hubby cant get past the 1st few chapters either. I really dont want to see anymore of my favorite books made into a movies< especially after what was done to my favorite book ever - the time travelers wife.
I'm afraid to the girl with the dragon tattoo :(
oh you're a good woman, letting him do that trip.

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

I love being home alone because I get so much done. When my girls were little my sweet husband always asked me if I would like a weekend away by myself, but I always preferred him to take my girls for a weekend away so I could work on projects. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Have a great week!!!

René said...

Enjoy your week. A little alone is nice every once in a while.


Jill said...

Hope you're having a good week alone - catching up on stuff. No contact is really hard, I don't like it myself(though I do get lots done while trying to keep busy!
OK - now here's your twilight answer - I loved the books, but was really disappointed with the movie because I thought they didn't get Edward right. He's too, erm, young!! (or is that I'm too old?) Just didn't fancy him at all! So haven't made it past the first movie!!

Anne said...

I'm reading the book right now...and loving it. The friend who recommended it couldn't stop talking about the book, so I had to buy it. She did let me know that it took a bit getting through the first part of the I'm keeping that in mind. Can't wait to see the movie...even though I know it won't be as good as the book. Now my friend is pushing for the 2nd and 3rd book...aye book at a time!

Heather said...

I'm kind of sad because my sweet hubs is about to be out of town for 3 weeks on business. At least he does come home on the weekends though. I guess just more time to catch up on blogging, comments, linky parties, etc. ha! PS I'm obsess w/ Twilight as you well know by now I'm sure, but I have to admit the 1st movie was terrible. Please never see the movie before reading the book 1st.

Anonymous said...

I love twilight! I love the books, I love ALL the movies! I can watch them every day! So I am ok with books being turned into movies!