Monday, July 26, 2010

Maggie's house-tour

My sweet friend Maggie recently bought a new old house (it was built in 1871!) and i was finally able to go check it out.  It's a tiny little thing, but with character and space that is perfect for her in this stage of life.

The living room is the space you walk into...she made no changes in this room except taking the drapes from the dining room and putting them here.  I really love the jewel tones in here.  I really should have taken a pic of the dining room, b/c the wallpaper was a was like 70's linoleum tiles of fruits and veggies in wallpaper form.  Yuck.

The kitchen was an add on done by the previous owner, and poor Maggie has already had a contractor out about taking down those cabinets...why would someone cover those fabulous windows? Cute little breakfast bar was left open, thank goodness!

Ok, This i love.  I need to find this piece, which she ordered years ago from a catalog, and do this. 

She never realized she had so many blue pieces, and decided to display them together along her windows.  Love it!  And love this peanut butter cheesecake she made for us to enjoy!

The previous owner was Swedish, and left little notes around the house.  This must be some sort of affirmation?  It was on the inside of one of the kitchen cabinets.  Does anyone know what this says??  i know i could look it up, but i thought i'd see if anyone knows.  i apologize if it's something that shouldn't be on here (but i doubt it!)

She also labeled this box and the contents in Swedish so an intruder wouldn't know what they were...isn't that genius?!  She wrote them in English for means neighbors keys, and each ring was labeled as to which neighbor it belonged to.

Maggie and the woman met a few times, b/c she wanted to impart advice about rattling windows and other idiosyncracies of the house.

Maggie moved in to find many instructions and labels...this note says "When it rains, i put this towel on the floor by the front door for boots, etc, to try to keep water off the floor."  Is this sweet or controlling, i can't tell.

Hardware for shutters

An empty box.  Labeled as such!!

Hope you enjoyed this tour, and i just had to tell you guys about these notes!  I will be posting a neighborhood tour with some amazing older homes, too! 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh the notes are sorta sad. Sounds like she had trouble leaving her home and letting go. The home is gorgeous and I love how the mugs are hung, what a great idea. The blue in the windows are so nice and yes get those other cabinets down. Amazing someone would block windows like that.

Jeralee said...

LOL - Love this post. The towel comment cracked me up!

I have LOTS of blogs in my feeds, and I am always excited to see when you have updated... it's one of my fav's. I have enjoyed your writing and your projects.

Christy B said...

How funny and cute is that?! Labeling an empty box, "empty"? And all those little notes; sounds like a great beginning for one of those thriller movies...

Love the living room...hope you post pics of the kitchen without those cupboards. And hey, can I have a piece of that cheesecake?

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Wow! That is really helpful I guess! I like the idea of labeling an empty box too! Cause you can't ever find one when you need one!

Marlee said...

Love the cup rack. I have more cups than cabinet space to hold them and would like something like that to display them.

Thanks for the home tour...looking forward to future tours.