Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's your birthday, get your free stuff!

Some people say cheap, i say get what's offered to you.  Why would you not become a member of the birthday club at restaurants?  I love when they start rolling in!  Free food coming my way, you best believe i'm gonna be all up on that!

Of course the best ones are the ones with no strings, just straight up free.  Red Robin gives you a free burger, Sotto Varalli gives you one free entree when another is ordered (up to 25 bucks) Barnaby's gives a free meal with a major catch-you must have a party of 4.  Odd.

So this is what i got for free from registering my birthday with places.  There are 3 more that came after i took these pictures.  Bennigans, RIP, for you were a great freebie, too.  Of course i don't use all of them, especially the ones where it's only a free dessert, but it makes me feel special to get them.  It doesn't take much to win my affections.

So do you guys get birthday coupons from local restaurants? Are there ones you will definitely use?  Do tell.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is intense. I've never joined a single birthday club, but you can bet your bippie that I will be now. This is AWESOME. =)

Christy B said...

Oh my, I'm afraid~~last year, we went to our FAV Mexican resturaunt for hubby's b-day. He got a free desert, yummy, but...BIG but here - they swipped some whip cream and smeared it on his face...in front of tons of people munching on chips and salsa. Needless to say, we will NOT go there on my birthday...ever! I'm happy with my free b-day vidoe rental from our local drug mart. (-;

. said...

Oh yeah!! I partake in B-day freebies!

But I'm cheap...so of course I would. :)

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

We get them for our anniversary from a few places, too! I love cheap or FREE! I'm not picky!! I haven't seen too many places to sign up but need to try to find more!

Maria said...

MMMMM.. I might have to try that! My husband and I have a favorite place here in Utah that is super pricey, so we only go when we get our birthday cards, only problem is mine is in March and my husbands is 2 weeks later in April. So what did we do? Ummmm...we signed up our kids! :) Now we get them in March, April. June, Sept and Nov!!! Hey, they never said we couldn't do that! :)
BTW- thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I don't blog all the time like some, just when I want to share something. (I average about once a week) Glad you like it! Come back soon, I am going to be posting my graveyard and some super easy and free pumpkins.

pp said...

First Happy Birthday if it's your BD!
I believe my husband signed us up with an airlines that gives us extra points toward a flight. Probably not much points be I will take them.
Rita"s Italian Ice gave me a free ice on my birthday last year.
You have a lot of great ones!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Oh I can def be won over with free food! Also a lot of clothing retailers will "celebrate" your birthday. I usually get a $10 gift card from Victoria Secret (I think you may have to have their credit card though), $10 gift certificate from DSW shoes (free sign up for rewards card) and 15% off the entire month of my bday at New York and Company.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Happy belated Bday!


alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

I love all your birthday deals all printed out and ready to go - too funny! Do you have Cold Stone Creameries by you? If you sign up online you get a coupon for a free ice cream - and their ice cream is pricey so it's a good deal!

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