Monday, November 8, 2010

Fireplace Fixation

Note to self:  When searching through houzz for fireplaces, be more specific than "fireplaces," or else plan to be there a while.  215 pages a while.

S ran the gas line for the fireplace this weekend, and we've decided we will do a corner unit with a tv build in.  A streamline looking corner, not a big honking corner.  I showed him these pictures, and he very patiently looked at my ideas.  Good man. 

TV built in above.  Off center mantel maybe?  Floating component storage possibly used as a bench.  See what ya think!

Fireplace contemporary living room
Amoroso Design contemporary living room
Oh man, oh man, this one's IT.

fireplace modern living room

oceanfront bedroom fireplace eclectic bedroom

440 House contemporary living room

Fireplace contemporary living room

Modern Fireplace Remodel modern family room

Fireplace contemporary living room

Living Room contemporary living room

Contemporary Fireplace contemporary living room
contemporary living room design by chicago interior designer Habitar Design, Inc

Love this glass front, off center look, with modern mantle

Contemporary Fireplace contemporary living room

EISNER DESIGN modern living room

Amoroso Design contemporary living room

Living Room contemporary family room

living room fireplace contemporary living room

Rina Magen contemporary living room

Landon Bone Baker Architects modern living room

Sf Media Room traditional media room

KANNER ARCHITECTS modern living room

living room with travertine fireplace modern family room

fireplace traditional living room

Outdoor Kitchen eclectic porch


Feldman Architecture modern dining room

Feldman Architecture modern living room
study contemporary media room

Mark Dutka modern media room

Budge contemporary media room
contemporary media room design by toronto kitchen and bath Kevin Karst

Thanks for indulging-hope you enjoyed this eye candy!


Lana said...

SOOOOO many choices. I liked the San Fransisco design with all the windows on either side if we are wishing for the moon! ;-)

Kerry said...

They are all pretty awesome - but I think I'm with you on that second one being the best! I love it. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do!

Oonafey said...

That's a lot of fireplaces. Personally, I prefer symmetrical, but go with what you love! I'm sorry, that's not helpful...

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Nice choices! And 215 pages of pure goodness is why Houzz is awesome!! :) I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Kara said...

Oh man, good luck with a final decision!! My fireplace is still something that I don't 'love' ... sigh, decisions, decisions!

Lisa said...

There's so many gorgeous ones to choose from! All the modern ones are so pretty. I tend to go for something more symmetrical in the room. Also, any hidden storage like that one with the drawers is great!

Jacqueline said...

Love any fireplaces from modern to traditional. The warmth a fire brings to a room is great. Didn't love mine in my bedroom though, it was too hard to work so after years we took it out. But we put a huge gas one in the living room when we remodeled and it really heats the place. Be sure to get one that really heats, not just looks good.

Danielle and Clint said...

How freakin exciting!!!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Wow, what a great source of inspiration! Those are all beautiful.

Crazy Garden Lady said...

The one that caught my attention was the one by Rina Magen, which is totally not my usual style.

Your choice, second down, is also lovely, but I'm seeing that fab chair in the room with Magen's design!

If only I had a money tree.....and the need for a fire place.....and my own house.....sigh