Friday, January 14, 2011

Pardon me, do you have any Groupon?

I like to combine words, and i can't help but think of the grey poupon commercial, and how grey poupon combined could be groupon. Now i've written poupon and groupon so many times they look weird, like they're spelled wrong.

So you've heard of Groupon?  They have daily deals and steals that are only available until they're not...the deal will say 90% claimed, for example, so you know you better move quick.  They highlight activities, restaurants, salons, and other fun events. S just surprised me with a one hour jewelry making class in Philadelphia that was the deal of the day for half off. 

You buy it when it's on sale (daily deal) but you don't have to use it that day (it will tell you when it's good til-the jewelry class is good til Jan 2012).  I bought the daily deal when it was $1 for 3 Redbox codes.  I had to buy it that day for the dollar, but i have until March to use my 3 codes.  Make sense?  And it works, of course-i've already used 2 of my Redbox codes with no problem. 

I wanted to share the goods with you, my friends, and i'm not gonna lie.  My referral link earns me groupon bucks when you sign up (free) and purchase something (practically free).  But so what?  I think when you find amazing deals and steals, you need to pass those along.  I'd love to know, have you ever bought from Groupon?  What was your amazing deal? 

*when one spellchecks poupon, pooping is on the list.  nice.


Alicia {ProtoDoom} said...

So, I haven't specifically bought from groupon BUT, I've gone in with friends on groupon buys.

I've gotten one mani/pedi (which was...not very good, but at least it was fun), have another mani/pedi to schedule and my dear friend used one to get me pole dancing lessons for the holiday. Which we will use soon. Trust and believe that I will be blogging about how THAT works out.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well I've been earning Swag Bucks thanks to you and now I'll do the Groupon and maybe you will get some points!!

Retail Therapy Lounge said...


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Anne said...

I'm already a Groupon groupie...but if I wasn't, I would have joined through you!

Kara said...

oh, i do love me some groupon!! I just stare at them though...I'm always so nervous to buy!!

GoodyGirlRed said...

Thanks--I'm headed over now!