Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays Nombre Deux

Come one, come all to Thankful Thursdays as we focus on the positive celebrate the people, places, and things we are thankful for this season. 

this was too cute..ignore frowny face

Who woulda thunk i'd have all 5 of my items by the end of the weekend?  This positive stuff is pretty easy!  Of course, it does amuse me that pessimism starts 'em all off, but they work their way into a positive.  See for yourself.

1.  My local Redbox was out of order, and after i bawled about how unfair it was that i was charged for the movie that couldn't be picked up, they sent me 2 free codes.  So Friday night we had a date with Toy Story 3.  Have you guys seen this?  It was fantastic!  Spanish Buzz sent two adults (with no children) into hysterics!  Rent it.  Buy it.  Yep, that good.

2.  My coworker is seriously ill and has used all her sick time.  We are able to donate sick time to our coworkers so they don't have to take unpaid leave, and through everyone's donations of time, she now has 3 additional weeks to heal from brain surgery.  Of course i am thankful for that, but also that i have plenty of time should i need it for myself, thus making me able to contribute.

3.  I won the answer is chocolate's Gratitude banner!  Thanks head chocolatier-can't wait to get it!

4.  I was seriously stressing about parallel parking in South Philly where my friend's baby shower was being held.  (Hey Shan!)   I ended up missing a turn (that appeared to be only one way!) which led me to wonderful angled street parking that was open to the public, and not just for the bar i was now parked in front of.  Sure, the whole time i was worried the car was going to be towed and i made a bee line back to it as soon as all the presents were opened (not even saying goodbye to momma to be) but at least my car was there and not ticketed!

5.  Any spare time this weekend was spent on Lowe's facebook page, along with thousands of other people, who were trying to win 90% off codes for select products.  Like a Dyson, a Shark, and a Kitchenaid.  Sadly, we weren't fast enough to win any, but we were each given a $10 off coupon.  I'll take it!  Thanks, Lowe's. 

Now it's your turn!  If you've got a Thankful Thursdays post please leave your link in the comments, thanksthat'dbeawesomeyouguysrock!  Show me what ya got!

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Shannon said...

Ha, I knew there had to be some reason that you didn't say Good-bye!
I'm not getting into all five things I'm thankful, but the biggest thanks I have right now is for how generous all of our friends and family have been to our soon-to-be little one.

Lisa said...

Got mine up today! I missed out on the Lowe's thing! Boo : (

But on a positive note (since you're making me be positive) if you get a mover's guide from the post office, there's a Lowe's 10% off coupon !

Anonymous said...

I put up my Thankful Thursday post

I also really enjoy all 3 Toy Storys. I saw Toy Story 3 in the movie theater.. without any kids!

Kara said...
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Kara said...

I didn't think I was going to make it to put one up today (works crazy busy), but I got it done! It's up here: .

Funny how it's the little things...that was super sweet of you to donate your sick time to help out a generous!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Saw the ultrasound of my Grand Baby today and it was amazing. I am so thankful for this!

Lisa said...

Here's mine!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Hi! I'm here from Amanda's party.

Spanish Buzz was hysterical!!! I was laughing my butt off!

I hate I didn't know about the Lowe's thing. Cool you got a coupon!

Sweet to give your coworker y'all sick days. That's precious!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Congratulations on winning a coupon. I didn't know a thing about this.

I'm thankful to have the pleasure of being on a weekend trip with my sweet hubby.

I'm visiting from Amanda's party!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Why didn't I know about the Lowe's code??! ;) LOVED Toy Story was hilarious!!!

Jill said...

Hey there! just wanted to let you know I featured your Harvest House on my Round Tuit post this week!

Things are crazy busy just now - will get round to reading what you've been up to this week!!

Have a good one! and thanks for linking!