Thursday, November 8, 2012

Being a pessimist costs me money

Seriously.  I'm so afraid of something selling out, that i buy way more than i need (ahem, a certain amount of green spraypaints, anyone).  So when i saw Kate's fabulous mantle with the gold marbled paper, i feared every blogger and their mother and their mother's dog would buy up all the marbled papers for themselves. So i bought 2 that might work in my dining one more that might work in my hall bathroom.  Did i need to spend another 25 bucks on something?  No, not really.  But could only 25 bucks make a fun bold patterny statement in sort of plain areas?  Yes.  Did i have an exact space in mind for such large (24x36) pieces?  Not exactly. 

image from Hollanders

Last night i stood in my dining room and contemplated where these large sheets of marbled paper could go....and it would involve rearranging what i already have.  Now that might not seem like a big deal, but i've got a mini gallery wall on both sides of the window and a boyfriend who detests change, especially change that would result in revealing holes in the walls or making any more holes.  I didn't realize i was expected to never evolve or change my wall decor.  Yeesh!

please ignore the exercise ball i got for sort of blends into the background, right?

I also think not every wall needs to be covered, they need a bit of breathing i'm really at a loss here.

Do i take down the sconces (which were free and were put up in the very beginning of our homeowning for something to have in here) and move the gallery wall on either side of the mirror?   This side needs something, and the gallery wall would create movement as opposed to another big frame.  And speaking of frames, do you think i have to keep with the black? Or do silver? Maybe when i redo the gallery wall i can have silver or white frames mixed in?

So that frees up the space around the window, and i could put the marbled papers there. i put the marble paper on the only open walls, therefore sucking out the breathing room from this space? 

What's your latest "i have to get it or i'll be out of luck" buy?  Was it planned (spraypaint) or impulse (paper)?  Online or in store?  (The words "limited quantity" get my heart a-pounding!)

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

You are so funny! I've learned to try to resist those must have and buy more in case moments. I end up giving it all away later. I think it looks great and you will decide on changes you want to make. It's part of the fun of home ownership. hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

I've been pretty bad about buying things for the house and not really having somewhere to put them lately- mainly because I have to buy everything online these days. I love your marbled paper! Maybe you could put it on the wall with the mirror and hang the mirror over it. Minus the sconces if your not attached to them?

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

I think with the scale of objects in your room, the scones can come down and not be missed. Your dining room is really lovely, it is definitely a statement room. I can't wait to see what you do with your marbled papers..which are beautiful.

Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

I was that way for awhile (buying too much) and then looked at my house and had the whole "I need a garage sale STAT!)It was horrible. The only thing I'm bad about doing is (well, one of them I guess) is waiting too long because I always think I'll catch some sale and then not getting what I wanted. So now I sometimes buy things I like but don't need (clothes mainly) because if I don't, I won't ever see them again.

As for where to hang your papers, I say wherever you want them. So what if you have to patch a few holes, that's easy. Luckily my husband will do what I ask and then I'll take care of the holes or issue it causes.

Erin {Home Everyday} said...

I went a little crazy at Ikea and bought some storage boxes, that with the holidays coming I KNOW (ok maybe not for certain) will sell out quickly. That is what I told my hubby anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the paper!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. At least if you decide to make the pinecones they won't cost you TOO much money! :)
- Claire

debbie said...

Here's what I would do. Remove the sconces. They seem a bit small compared to the size of the mirror plus they're spaced a bit too far out from it. Could be the angle of the photo though.

Remove the pic opposite the mirror and consolidate the gallery wall there and hang the papers on either side of the window where the galleries are now. OR remove the pic opposite the mirror, replace w/the mirror and hang two of the papers side by side on the wall that the mirror is on now.

Just a couple of options.

Brandi said...

I love that paper. Excited to see what you do with it. I love your dining room painted gray. Looks amazing.

Oona Johnson said...

What about taking down the "ruins" print that's up (temporarily) and seeing how you feel about the colors in that space before making a more permanent decision? It looks like you could hang the marbled paper there, to get a feel for it, on the nail that already exists there... Thereby not making any new holes, keeping the bf happy, and feeling the paper out all in one fell swoop.