Saturday, March 27, 2010

A bit o' business

My next door neighbor must have a separate flag budget. Every season and holiday she has brand new houseflags and garden flags displayed, at least 10, and those puppies add up. My flags and my wreaths are pretty much seasonal. Not only does this keep cost down, but because i got nothin' from winter to spring.

I feel like the only Jewish person in blogland. I'm not making any crafts for St. Patrick's Day, and i'm definitely not making any crafts for Easter. Valentine's Day i like to believe is about love inspired crafts, and i got no problem with that. i like love. love is good. But's St. Valentine's, right? Therefore i keep my snowmen out til it's technically spring b/c there's no filler in between. What, am i supposed to decorate for Purim and Passover? I'll hang up a few matzah's, that'll look good. And spring decor, altho ripe with birds and eggs and bunnies and nests in pastels, screams Easter to my non Easter celebrating eye.

And exhale. I feel better now.


slmphd said...

The bunnies and the eggs are actually not Christian symbols. They come from pre-Christian pagan days as fertility symbols (bunnies from Germany and eggs from just about everywhere) and Christians converted them over to celebrate Easter. Technically, they have absolutely NOTHING to do with the real reason for Easter.

Although, I still can't see either of you guys decorating with bunnies or eggs :P. Spring flowers, that's the way to go - hyacinths, tulips, crocuses, and daffodils - very springy!

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

You are not alone. Joni whose blog is Cote de Texas is Jewish. :-)