Tuesday, March 30, 2010

rain, rain go away

it is SO rainy, gloomy, icky, and depressing today that i can't help but look forward to the temps that are forecasted for the weekend. 70's! with actual sun! It is still too early here to really do any full on outdoor plantings, plus i want to wait til after our trip so that what i plant doesn't die from lack of care (which would just be SO unusual, yeah right). I know exactly what i will be doing this weekend, which is what i do on most nice weekends. Reading in the sunroom. I know what you must be thinking, "girl, get outside and get the stink blown off you." You weren't thinking that? That's just S's dad? The stink can get blown off me just fine with all the windows and the skylight in the sunroom open, thank you very much. But if i was going to be outside (read: minus cat, plus bugs) i would want to be here.

this is not totally unattainable. i have a canvas gazebo thing, but would love S to build a pergola. we have the perfect space to do it by coming off the side of the garage. i have grass under the gazebo, but would love pavers of some sort. is that a fire pit?

hold up, did you see that planter wall hanging thing? i want it. i have a few pots hanging on the side of the garage, b/c i had to pretty up the cinderblock til we stucco. this would cover a lot more ground and looks like a piece of art.

and speaking of cinderblock... what an interesting idea! can't you see this with succulents? those chickens...or hens...er, you know what i mean, right?

this image reminds me of my sunroom, if when we started, my brickwork was nice and bright, and wasn't surrounded by brown paneling on the other walls and the ceiling. if it was an inviting space, instead of dark and dated. three words-orange. shag. carpeting.
you'll have to tune back in to see my absolute, 100% favorite spot in my home.

images from this old house, hgtv, and bhg


Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! and i looove that cinder block idea. very interesting, visually. :)
p.s. you kitty's a cutie.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for stopping by & chiming in on that post. I think it really struck a chord with so many of you.