Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keep it on the CL

We at the cape on the corner obsessively peruse Craigslist, hitting refresh over and over. And over. In fact our dinner conversations begin like this "Anything good on the list today?" I'm a free stuff and furniture by owner gal. S is free stuff, materials, and tools. There are countless occasions when i wish i had instant access to a truck and the ability to just take off and grab the goods. So...that's instant access to S, a helper for loading heavy furniture, a truck, and the kind of jobs that won't mind if we dash off for a few hours to haul what could turn out to be junk back home. Good luck with that.

Lots of times i see what i think the "blogworld" would love, but isn't my style. What to do with this information? Now i have an outlet for sharing. you can thank me later.

vintage queen anne wingback chair, 35 bucks

or how bout 75 bucks for a pair of these

or this tufted chair for 20 bucks. love.
with a tufted ottoman? fantastic.

wooden table, 55 bucks
is this clover considered quatrefoil? i am sure it is called something official, and very much reminds me of all the patterns that are big right now.

holy moly i have not seen anything like this.
700 bucks for the whole set, i know, a lot, but i had to highlight this quatrefoil headboard.
All of these items are from Philadelphia CL, meaning the surrounding counties are in this too. (Delco, Montco, Chesco, Bucks)

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Shaunna said...

Some good finds! Thanks for sharing...isn't it great? You can just write about whatever your little heart desires! Thanks for stopping by the blog-shaunna :)