Thursday, March 18, 2010

in exactly one month

i will be seeing something like these.

does anyone have suggestions of "must do's?" we will be spending 6 days in maui and 4 days in kauai. i am so excited for this relaxing vacation since our last one was at a breakneck pace. i do not want a repeat of that.

images from photobucket.

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The Charm of Home said...

Ohhhhhh. yes. We took a Hawaiian honeymoon 19 yrs ago and went in a helicopter over Kaui 'The Garden Isle'. The helicopter took us up to an extinct volcano crater and it was pouring rain. I thought in my head, this is a wash right. The helicopter pilot comes on in our headphones and explains that this is exactly the perfect time to go up and see this. About at that same moment he decended into the volcanic crater and all around us everywhere you looked were 1,000 foot waterfalls falling off the sides of the cliffs. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!!! The highlight of our entire trip. We were so lucky we rented a huge old VCR camera and we have the footage of that to this day. There is also a botanic garden (On Kaui) that is fab! It is in a official rainforest and it is often raining when you visit, but beautiful.
Have fun!