Friday, March 26, 2010

now what?!

The good news is that the letters will be able to rest above the windows. I wasn't sure if there would be enough room to angle them, but there is. The bad news is that they may be too small. Are they too small? They are definitely too small to decorate with all that paper i bought. Which brings me to the fact that i quite like it in plain white. Imagine that D having an REA in front of it. That would look nice, no?

If you are wondering why i bought the D, it was b/c there were a lot more of the other letters, and only one of these. My pessimistic self thought it'd be safer this way. Watch, i'll go back and find the rest gone, but the D's will be restocked.

i might go buy the bigger letters to see how that looks since that was my original intention, and so i can actually utilize the 5,000 pounds of paper i bought.

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Mikalah said...

Oooh- I am loving your chair in the corner. Super cute!