Monday, May 3, 2010

back to life

back to reality.

lots of pictures to upload and tweak. lots of laundry to do. lots of grocery shopping. lots of google reader subscriptions to read.

this could take a while. can't even think about blogging about amazing vacation just yet, so please bear with me.

on a sidenote, 20 followers. thank you, 20 followers. you have chosen wisely, and of your own free will. not to be eligible for a giveaway. not to reach a certain number so that i will have a giveaway. (if you are fortunate enough to offer giveaways and have hundreds of followers, i am very glad for you, but that's not how i wanted to do it. i want people to follow who genuinely want to follow based on content alone) you are reading b/c you like my room redos, or you like my writing style (there are some blogs i just look at the pretty pictures). heck, maybe you're just like "shut up and show me that adorable cat." that's ok, i understand. there's room here for you, too.

i thank you.


Christy B said...

I am thrilled to be one of your first 20 followers!

Cara @ Live the Home Life said...

I'm with you on the "lots of laundry" thing, and I wasn't even on vacation. Lucky goose!