Thursday, May 6, 2010

sunroom love

Cara from Living the Home Life featured my "killer" sunroom before and after on her blog,

Here's what she had to say about it-

Don't you just want to kick off your shoes and relax with a good read? I'm loving the cozy neutral colors, built in nook, and windows galore. Great job!

Thanks Cara! She and her husband, Eric, are realtors who seem to sell only the cutest and funkiest of houses. Lucky them, and lucky us, because we get to snoop inside!

They are also currently redoing their master bathroom in their new house...sigh, a master bathroom. One day, my friends, one day. Not anytime soon, tho. Not even remotely soon.

And if you are buying or selling in Arkansas, want to see some remodeling, or chuckle at funny dialogue, head on over to Cara and Eric's blog!


Reunion Committee said...

ooh nice feature.. and I completely agree! Your sunroom is cozy!

Cara @ Live the Home Life said...

Thanks for all of the nice words my friend! You've left me dreaming of how to slap a sunroom onto the back of our house. But I guess first things first: must. finish. master. bath.