Sunday, May 23, 2010

feeling lucky on a sunday

These past few weeks, and days even, there has been a surge in readership and followers.  I am so incredibly thankful and lucky to have you here, so welcome.  Please don't be shy, say hi.

I wanted to explain how we roll here on Sundays at the Cape on the Corner.  During the week i have no set schedule about what i post.  I'm too random for that.  A project here or there, my newest obsession, things i found online that i like.  you know, anything.  But on Sunday's i feature the sweetest of all sweets, my love of all loves, my little gray girl, Sunday. 

We adopted this sweet girl about a year and a half ago, and i feel lucky every day that she is ours.  You see, we didn't adopt her as a kitten, she was already 3 or 4 years old.  She trusts us, she loves us, there is no where she doesn't like us to touch on her, she comes running in when you call her, she flops, she rolls, she head nudges, she lays on her back and meows til you pet her when we come home, no matter if we went out for a half hour or the entire work day.  Some days she's more skittish than others, set off by something or other.  i don't know how she was treated before she got here, but i can tell you that to say i am obsessed with her would be a huge understatement.  S loves her as much as i, calling her "daddy's good girl" and getting on the floor with her to play.  They have a whole routine every morning i am extremely jealous of.  She has changed him for the better.

She could have been a cat who just hides and doesn't come out.  She could have been more independent than she is.  She could cower at our touch.  Instead, she jumps up and sits on the laptop that is balanced on my lap, and falls asleep with her head in our hands. We chose her, but she just as much chose us.

Everyday is like Sunday, her name taken from the Smiths song.  Everyday is gray.  But in a good way.


Christy B said...

Ya, what's up with these followers? All of a sudden your numbers JUMPED!! (-; And I will always be thrilled to know that I...yes I was one of the original 20. Love your Sunday! So glad you adopted her.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Oh! Your Sunday is precious! She is such a pretty baby and blessed to be rescued by you!!!