Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the thorn in my side

let me start out by saying, i'm a good girl. the one that teachers counted on, couldn't believe my brother and i were of the same gene pool (ie-he is the bad seed), the one that didn't get in trouble. so when i did get in trouble, even for the slightest thing, or was told something wasn't correctly done, i couldn't handle my shiznit. My eyes well up, my chin quivers, and i start bawling right there.

i'm not just talking elementary school, i'm talking thru high school and college as well. And let's not forget employment. Yes, there too, but i do a better job of hiding it.

So this morning was going fine, but i was 15 minutes late. Usually i am not 15 minutes late, but it has happened in the past. And my supervisor, who i work directly with, happens to be there for the majority of these times. When i am early, and go to my office, no one even knows i'm back there. When i have a presentation, i am always early. So the days that i don't have anything, i slack a little b/c i know i can. This is a very trying job, and yesterday was a busy day. And she gets there on time and spends 20 minutes talking in a co-worker's office, so i don't see the difference. The point is, and i am getting to it, yes, is that she asked me to try to arrive on time in the future because it looks badly on the department (us. we are the department). Try to arrive on time? Does someone try to be late? no, you just are. And look bad for the department? She's always telling me we put the other departments to shame when we gather for the managers report, there's so much going on. But she's a control freak who likes to think she's more important than she is.

So is this really a big deal? no, it's not. but i am not used to "being in trouble" and it will upset me the rest of the day. i needed to vent, so thank you for letting me do so. Hopefully once i have my coffee it will change my outlook on the day. It's kauai coffee, so that's even better.

What about you guys, anyone the bad seed? Nah, i think you're all good girls.


Reunion Committee said...

lol too funny about the bad seed - My brother was ALSO the bad seed. I always looked like an angel growing up because compared to him, well I was! lol
Hope your day got better!

Christy B said...

I'll bet you just made her day...she finally got to flex her muscles with ya!! (-; It's no fun reprimanding the bad ones...they don't care. But, give 'em a GOOD one and the fun begins.

Needles Everywhere said...

It IS a big deal. I had over 500 emplyees and every one of them was late at one time or another. Stuff just happens and unless it's a habit or is accompanied by a lousy attitude, I never made an issue of it. I'm not saying she was wrong, but you are the better person and unfortunately, that's what you have to put up with sometimes. My guess is that someone made a comment to her which backed her into a corner and she felt she had to say something. Poor gal, doesn't sound very confident.